European History

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European History Trivia QuestionAnswer
Punch editor A P Herbert once wrote a cheque on the side of a what?cow
Which country did Great Britain fight in the War of Jenkins' Ear?Spain
Whose dad had to pay a $2 million dowry before she could marry Prince Rainier in 1956?Grace Kelly
Which country founded the West India Company?Holland
Alfonso XIII resigned as what country's king, when the people elected left-leaning republicans in 1931?Spain
The 2007 TV poll El Espanl De La Historia selected whom as the greatest "Spaniard of History"?King Juan Carlos
The famous Battle of Waterloo was fought 12 miles outside of which city?Brussels
What dictator ended up hanging by his feet from an Esso station in Piazzale Loreto, along with his mistress?Mussolini
Anna Chapman did a spicy photo shoot for Maxim, shortly after she was caught spying for what country in 2010?Russia
Who married a Shanghai actress stage name was Lan Ping, meaning "Blue Apple"?Mao
In 1878, Turkey was forced to hand what island over to Great Britain, which annexed it in WWI?Cyprus
Which member of the British royal family was involved in "Squidgygate"?Princess Diana
As which Russian leader was Vladimir Ulyanov better known?Lenin
Which of these was not an NHL star, but was a president of Croatia?Franjo Tudjman

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