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Family Guy Trivia QuestionAnswer
In the episode "There's Something About Paulie" who does the car salesman claim previously owned the car Peter buys?James Bond
In the 11th season, which character receives a curse that causes everyone to see him as a woman?Quagmire
Who is the creator of Family Guy, and also voices many of the main characters?Seth MacFarlane
Who is Carter's character in the Family Guy Star Wars parody "It's a Trap"?The Emperor
What does Peter call alcohol in a song warning of its dangers?Mr Booze
What's the missing word from the episode title: "8 simple Rules for … my Teenage Daughter"?Buying
What team does Meg join at school?Flag Girl Squad
What is the name of the maid that Lois hires in the eighth season?Consuela
What is Peter's last name?Griffin
What is the name of Lois's deranged brother who is also the "Fat Guy Strangler"?Patrick
Which character plays the Han Solo role for the Star Wars themed episodes?Peter
What is Joe and Bonnie Swanson's baby daughter called?Susie
When the Griffins are put on TV, who plays Peter?Tom Arnold
What is the name of Peter's birth mother?Thelma Griffin
Tom Tucker is the anchorman for which TV channel's news?Channel 5
Which part of the armed forces was Glen Quagmire in?Navy
In which episode are Cleveland, Joe and Quagmire stranded on a desert island?The Perfect Castaway
Brian likes Carolyn, but Carolyn likes who?Cleveland
Who is Bertram's biological father?Peter Griffin
Adam West is which important Quahog resident?The Mayor
Who plays the voice of Jillian Russell, Brian's ex-girlfriend?Drew Barrymore
How many episodes are in season 5 of Family Guy?18
What commercial did Stewie do that Peter considered awful?iPod
What is the name of Lois and Peter's band?Handful of Peter
What is the address of the Griffin house?31 Spooner Street
How did Brian and Peter meet?He washed Peters windshield
Name the Family Guy episode which features the song "You Got a Lot to See"?Brian Wallows & Peter Swallows
Who voiced Kevin Swanson the first time he appeared?John Cryer
Which character does Mila Kunis voice?Meg Griffin
In eighth season, Peter falls in love with a cardboard cutout of which model?Kathy Ireland
Which actress from "That 70's Show" provides a voice for a member of the Griffin family?Mila Kunis
Where did Brian go to "find himself"?Los Angeles
What is Stewie's middle name on Family Guy?Gilligan
What was the two-hundredth episode of "Family Guy" called?Valentine's Day in Quahog
According to a musical number by Brian and Stewie, what is everything better with?A bag of weed

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