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Fashion Trivia QuestionAnswer
Bo Derek made them popular in the 1970s, and hip hoppers brought them back in the 1990s. What are cornrows?A hair style
Haute couture is the world of fashion. But what do the words "haute couture" literally mean in French?High sewing
Who was the only person to top Mr Blackwell's Worst Dressed List three times?Britney Spears
When the Dassler partnership dissolved in 1948, Rudi Dassler abandoned Adidas and created what rival shoe?Puma
Which of these fashion statements is most closely associated with 1990s grunge music?Flannel shirt
In which country was the model Rachel Hunter born?New Zealand
What is the name of Karl Lagerfeld's publishing company?7L
Traditionally, what color are the doors at Elizabeth Arden, starting with the door to her Fifth Avenue salon?Red
Italian designer Donatella Versace is related to the late Gianni Versace how?Sister
Which fashion designer is the founder of an eponymous high-end shoe brand?Manolo Blahnik
In 2010, what singer and her daughter Lourdes launched a junior fashion line called Material Girl?Madonna
This sexy athlete now design underwear for H&M.David Beckham
What Brazilian Victoria's Secret model got PETA in a lather when she dyed her puppy's fur pink and purple?Alessandra Ambrosio
What does the word 'vogue' mean?in style
Where does the second Fashion Week occur?London
What decade saw fashion industry alarm bells ringing over the "heroin chic" look epitomized by Kate Moss?1990s
What popular item of clothing celebrates its "birthday" every May 20, in honor of Levis Strauss's 1873 patent?Jeans
Ed Hardy's unusual artwork has been featured on t-shirts. What kind of artwork is this?Tattoos
What collection did Cindy Crawford release in 2005?Furniture and home
Which former model was married to Mick JaggerJerry Hall
At the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, Lady Gaga wore a dress made of _.Raw meat
What tween blogger caught the attention of the fashion world at the age of twelve with her blog Style Rookie?Tavi Gevinson
What casual summer shoes with a French name are made from canvas and rope?Espadrilles
What controversial item of clothing did Justin Bieber wear to meat the Canadian prime minister?Overalls
Somewhat controversially, Gisele Bundchen's niece Duda Bundchen also became a model. Why did this upset some people?She was 5 years old
What fashion house from Florence became known for loafers, scarves and handbags?Gucci
What is the name of Bob Marley's fashion designer daughter?Cedella
What country gave the world the Crocs?Tanzania
What ankle-high, heeled boot, originally a riding boot, was popular with British rock bands in the 60s?Chelsea boot
Alessandra Ambrosio was the first spokesmodel for Victoria Secret's Pink line. What country was she from?Brazil
Where was Tyra Banks born?California
What does Louis Vuitton do with all of their unsold merchandise at the end of the year?Burn it
What Italian is credited with creating the wedge heel, the platform shoe and the invisible?Salvatore Ferragamo
In the Fall of 2011, which designer’s runway show had Kate Moss smoking down the runway?Louis Vuitton


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