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FIFA World Cup Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who was said to play "Total Football"?Netherlands
Who did Brazil beat 4-0 in teh opening match of the 1950 tournament they hosted?Mexico
In which tournamanet did 199,854 fans watch the final, an attendance record in any World Cup?1950
Who suffered defeat in the first ever World Cup Final to be decided on a penalty shootout?Italy
Who is the only country to have qualified for every World Cup since inception in 1930?Brazil
Which country of the United Kingdom did Brazil beat 2-1 in the opening of France 1998?Scotland
Serbian coach Bora Velibor guided which nation to their first World Cup in 2002?China
Who was the first nation to host the World Cup twice?Mexico
By what score did Uruguay beat Argentina in the first ever World Cup Final?41731
Zakumi the Leopard was the official World Cup mascot in which year?2010
Who set a record by winning all their matches in the qualification stage for the 2010 World Cup?Spain
Who did Australia beat 31-0 in a qualifying match in 2001, a record victory?American Samoa
What country boycotted the FIFA World Cup until 1950, because only four European teams played when it hosted in 1930?Uruguay
Who won the World Cup in 1982?Italy
Who was victorious in the first ever World Final to be decided on a penalty shootout?Brazil
In what year was the Jules Rimet Trophy first awarded to the World Cup Winners?1950
What country's national soccer squad is the Atlas Lions, named for the local mountains?Morocco
Which World Cup saw the debut of Slovenia?2002
In what year did Germany first win the World Cup?1954
What did England win its first and only World Cup?1966
In which year was Gary Lineker the top scorer in the World Cup tournament?1986
How many goals did China score in their 2002 World Cup Debut?0
Lucien Laurent scored the first goal in World Cup History playing for which nation?France
What spicy term for kicking a ball between a soccer opponent's legs?Nutmeg
Which Argentinian was the top scorer at the 1978 World Cup?Kempes
Their win in 2002 marked how many World Cup wins for Brazil?5
How old was Roger Milla when he represented Cameroon in the 1990 World Cup?42
Which team won the first ever World Cup Match defeating Mexico 4-1?France
Which team won the World Cup in 1978?Argentina
At which famous English Stadium was the 1966 World Cup Final held?Wembley

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