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Friends Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which show was Ross and his monkey watching when the monkey turned the TV on SAP?Family Matters
What did Carol and Susan suggest they name their child if it was a girl?Helen
What is Monica and Ross' father called?Jack
What was the name of Mike's family dog?Chappy
What was Emily's response when Ross told her he loved her?Thank you
What was Chandler's response when Ross kept on repeating the word "pivot"?Shut Up, Shut up, Shut up
What does Phoebe say her tattoo is?The World
Other than Rachel, which friend worked in Central Perk?Joey
Whom did Phoebe call Lovey LoversonRoss
What did Monica want to serve as the main course at Susan and Carol's wedding?Chicken Breasts
Who peed on Monica's jellyfish sting?Chandler
What was the name of Phoebe's scientist boyfriend?David
What is Phoebe's signature song?Smelly Cat
How many children did Gloria Tribbiani have?8
Who does Rachel call Smirky?Chandler
Which of the following places has Rachel never worked?Saks Fifth Avenue
Which "Friends" star made an appearance on "NYPD Blue"?David Schwimmer
Which ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Aniston's appeared in season 4 of "Friends"?Tate Donovan
Who officiated the wedding between Susan and Carol?Candace Gingrich
What concert did Monica, Ross, and Chandler attend to celebrate Ross' birthday?Hootie & The Blowfish
What is the name of Phoebe Buffay's brother?Frank Buffay Jr.
Which one of Rachel's stuffed toys did Marcel "hump"?Curious George
What was the name of Joey's dancer roommate?Janine
What did Joey say about Rachel for the list?Her ankles are chubby
Who is Joey's bedtime penguin pal?Hugsy
Who guest starred as singer Stephanie Schiffer, taking Phoebe's place as singer at Central Park?Chrissy Hynde
When is Rachel's birthday?May 5th
The parents of which character (s) were happily married for the duration of the series?Monica and Ross
Who is married highest number of times?Ross
What was the name of the club that Chandler's father worked at?Viva Las Gaygas
Which of Joey's sisters did Chandler fool around with?Mary-Angela
What is Ursula's middle name?Pamela
What does Chandler do to imitate Monica's boyfriend, Richard?Grows a Mustache
Who does Emily keep spinning when they play spin the bottle?Joey
How old was Phoebe when her mother comitted suicide?13
From what did the gang fashion a 'very long poking device'?Chopsticks
Who did Ross' parents think got high in college?Chandler
Who does Phoebe think the stray cat she finds is a reincarnation of?Her Mother
Who is the father of Rachel's baby?Ross
When playing Spin the Bottle at Emily's going away party, who kissed whom first?Emily Kissed Joey
What part of New York do the "Friends" live in?Greenwich Village
Which of Rachel's co-workers raised Ross' suspicions?Mark
What was the name of the man who interviewed Rachel for her job at Ralph Lauren?Mr. Zelner
When the gang gets locked out of Phoebe's grandmother's cab, who is forced to take off her bra?Phoebe
What animal did Phoebe think her mother's soul went into?Cat
Joey from "Friends" played Dr Drake Ramore in which ficitional show?Days of our Lives
In what city does Monica and Chandler first have sex?London
What poster do Chandler and Joey have hanging in their apartment?Laurel And Hardy
Which of the following "Friend" can speak french?Phoebe
Whom did Joey kiss at the new year party in Season 1?Chandler
Who did Phoebe claim to be the father of her baby at Monica and Chandler's wedding?James Brolin
What musical instrument does Ross play?Keyboard
What is the name of Joey and Chandler’s TV?Stevie
What is the name of phoebe’s cat ?She doesnt have one.


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  1. What is the name of phoebe’s cat ? Ans :- She doesnt have one.
    What is the name of Joey and Chandler’s TV? Ans: Stevie
    What musical instrument does Ross play ? Keyboard

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