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Futurama Trivia QuestionAnswer
What is the name of the major organization owned by mom?Momcorp
Who provides the voice for The Donbot?Maurice LaMarche
In the episode "Time Keeps on Slipping" who arranges the stars to spell out Leela I Love You?Fry
What is the name of Fry's grandmother?Mildred
Who becomes President of Earth in "A Head In The Polls"?Richard Nixon
What is the name of the single female lawyer?Jenny McNeal
Which Futurama episode opens on December 31, 1999?Space Pilot 3000
What was the name of Leela's childhood Arcturan kung-fu master?Phnog
In which episode does Bender become a robot wrestler called The Gender Bender?Raging Bender
What is the title of the final season one episode of the Futurama TV series?Fry and the Slurm Factory
What is the name of the soap opera featuring Calculon?All My Circuits
Who said: "A billion robots' lives are going to be extinguished! Ooh, the Jedis are going to feel this one…"?Farnsworth
Fry accidentally drinks the Emperor of which desert planet?Trisol
Who provides the voice for Horrible Gelatinous Blob?Maurice LaMarche
What is the name of Cubert's best friend?Dwight
Hermes returns from his vacation with what attached to his head?Brain slug
On which TV channel is Futurama broadcast?Fox
Calculon first appeared in which episode of Futurama?I, Roommate
What is the name of the Applied Cryogenics staff member who welcomes Fry into the world of tomorrow?Terry
In which episode of Futurama did Kwanzaabot first appear?A Tale of Two Santas

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