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With how many countries does the USA share borders?2
In which US city is the bar in "Cheers" located?Boston
What scale is used to measure wind strength?Beaufort Scale
In 1793, Leonhard Euler invented "Latin Squares," the precursor to what modern puzzle?Sudoku
What does England call its police officers?Bobbies
What sport is played by the Brooklyn Nets?Basketball
How many people do you need to run a three-legged race?4
What was the name of the space shuttle that disintegrated just after liftoff in January, 1986?Challenger
Who is the only American mentioned by name in "Mein Kampf"?Henry Ford
What would the Kool-Aid Man yell when bustring through a wall?Oh Yeah!
How many balls are there on a snooker table when the game beings?22
Who was Lee Harvey Oswald charged with killing?John F. Kennedy
What is Lithium?A metal
Which fruit are dried to make raisins?Grapes
Which Dutch navigator led the first European expedition to sight the Fiji island group?Abel Tasman
What is the most popular beverage in the world?Water
What is the name of the line on a snooker or billiard table from where play begins?Balkline
What is the name of the Greek God of the Winds?Aeolus
What sport originated with Native American Tribes?Lacrosse
Until 1997, the restaurant chains Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut were all owned by what corporate food giant?Pepsico
In Nautical terms, what name is given to the upper edge of a ship's side?Gunwale
What herbivorous mammals commonly found in Florida are also known as "sea cows"?Manatees
Short for "habitants", which NHL hockey team is commonly referred to as the "Habs"?Montreal Canadiens
What year did "Chuck Norris Facts" begin circulating on the internet?2005
Because it is a color that would absorb more light energy, which of these colors would make your coat warmest in the winter?Black
Which of these was NOT a Nazi extermination camp?Lodz
Known as "The Dominator", this 18-year NHL hockey goalie was often accused of having a Slinky for a spine?Dominik Hasek
The strong bitterness inherent to an IPA (India Pale Ale) beer comes from which ingredient?Hops
Which city's underground rail system is the U-Bahn?Berlin
Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are also known as what?Mormons
Which astronomer had a false nose made of silver, having lost his own in a duel?Tycho Brahe
What is the state captital of South Carolina?Columbia
In which game might you "Go to Jail" or "Pass Go"?Monopoly
What is the second most popular language spoken in the USA?Spanish
In what year did North and South Korea separate into two nations?1948
How many players are there in a cricket team?11
Which of the following is not one of Alexandre Dumas' Musketeers?Rochefort
How many spots are there on a traditional 6-sided dice?21
Which Southeastern Asian City sits near the mouth of the Mekong River?Phnom Pehn
This lake in Oregon is the deepest in the U.S. and the second deepest in North America. What is it called?Crater Lake
The men in "Three Men and a Baby" were played by Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and who?Steve Guttenberg
What is the approximate population of the City of London, the smaller city that resides within greater London?7300
What is a website telling you if it serves you a "404 error"?Not found
This river in China, the longest in Asia, supports the Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest hydro-electric power station?Yangtze River
Who is the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated?Spencer Perceval
What was the first popular song to sell 1 million records?In The Mood
The siege of which city is described in Homer's Iliad?Troy
Which Irish monk made voyages out into the Atlantic and was thought by some to have discovered America in the 6th century?Brendan
Who recorded the song "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"?Buckwheat Boyz
In 2012, what country's brand-new polymer $50 and $100 bills started melting in extreme heat?Canada
Ouagadougou is the capital of which country?Burkina Faso
The historical nation of Circassia, which fell to wars beginning in the 1700s, resided in what modern country?Russia
Which King of France was known as The Sun King?Louis XIV
In the video game genre acronym "MMORPG", what does the first "M" stand for?Massively
What company created Pokemon?Nintendo
In the nursery rhyme "Who Killed Cock Robin", who saw him die?The fly
How many baby or milk teeth does the average person have?20
Osteoporosis is a thinning and weakening of which part of the body?Bones
Edward Abbey's time as a ranger in what has become Arches National Park is chronicled in what book?Desert Solitaire
What was the name of Thor Heyerdahl's balsa wood raft used to cross the Pacific in 1947?Kon-Tiki
A descendant of which eminent psychologist created the painting entitled "Benefits Supervisor Sleeping"?Sigmund Freud
In which section of a concert orchestra would you expet to find the second violins?Strings
The adult male of this animal is called a "reynard"?Fox
What is an Iroko?A hardwood
Which is the third letter of the Greek alphabet?Gamma
From its creation in 1923 until 1949, the famous California "Hollywood" sign had extra letters, saying what?Hollywoodland
Where is Red Stripe beer brewed?Kingston, Jamaica
If you see "Genoa" on an American menu, what type of food does it typically refer to?Salami
What is the clavicle better known as?Collarbone
The master's mate on the English navy vessel Bounty, he led the famous mutiny on this ship in 1789?Fletcher Christian
Who famously said, "Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration"?Thomas Edison
Name the Russian submarine which sank in 2000 in the Barents Sea with the loss of all crewman?Kursk
Which creatures do you keep in an apiary?Bees
What name was given to the hurricane which devastated The Philippines in November 2013?Haiyan
The 1979 comedy film "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh" is about a team in what sport?Basketball
What 1960s concert had Hell's Angels members as security with horrible results?Altamont
What part of the chicken is sometimes called the drumstick?Leg
What country's second largest city is Bergen?Norway
O'Hare Airport serves which American City?Chicago
What was the first name of the French painter Monet?Claude
Which Google product's flight simulator was once a secret Easter Egg?Google Earth
What does AMC stand for?American Movie Classics
Which fruit has the Latin name Ribes Nigrum?Blackcurrant
Titan is the largest moon of which planet?Saturn
On what item of apparel are you most likely to see the brand name "Justin"?Cowboy boots
Who wrote the opera "Carmen"?Bizet
The A380, the largest passenger jetliner as of 2013, is made by what company?Airbus
In which year was the Berlin Wall taken down?1989
In which century did Leonardo da Vinci paint the 'Mona Lisa'?16th
On which ship did Charles Darwin travel to the Galapagos Islands?HMS Beagle
In Greek mythology who had to roll a huge rock eternally up a hill only to see it roll back down again?Sisyphus
According to Northern European tradition, Thor rides across the sky in a wagon pulled by what sort of animals?Goats
"The Pirates of Penzance" was written by what team?Gilbert & Sullivan
What did "The Noid" sell in the 1980s and 1990s?Domino's Pizza
How many articulating vertebra do humans have?24
Which Epsom Derby winner was kidnapped and never seen again?Shergar
What product does Sonny the Cuckoo Bird sell?Cocoa Puffs
Salicylic acid, one of the ingredients of Aspirin, can be obtained from the bark of which tree?Willow
What is the name of the line on a snooker or billiard table from where play begins?Balkline
As Bart Simpson’s best friend would know, what did the M stand for in Richard M Nixon’s name?Milhous
In the comic strip “Peanuts,” who was the little yellow bird? Woodstock
What is the daily circulation of The New York Times?1.9 million
What is the daily circulation of The Wall Street Journal?2.4 million
Dr. Phil became famous after being a jury adviser to what celebrity?Oprah Winfrey
In 2012, McDonald’s announced that it was opening its first all-vegetarian restaurant in Amritsar, in what country?India
Lady Godiva is said to have ridden naked through which English city?Coventry
Which car is a famous Porsche model?Carrera
In which year was the Berlin Wall taken down?1989
Mental arithmetic! A bakers dozen plus a trio plus a gross gives a total which when divided by a score gives what answer?8
What group pushed to get warning labels on American music releases?Parents Music Resource Centre
What year did the CD become available anywhere in the world?1982
Who wrote the Harry Potter books?J.K. Rowling
What are Jimmys or Manolos?Shoes
What Country was first to be able to buy the CD?Japan
Which of the following is not a type of cheese?Parisian
Retinol is the chemical name for which vitamin?Vitamin A
Complete the saying. “Nothing is certain but death and…” what?Taxes
Which of these fruits shares its name with Popeye's girlfriend?Olive
What letter gets the fewest words in most dictionaries?X
Which Greek god was the equivalent of Vulcan in Roman mythology?Hephaestus
What fast-food franchise got its start in a Shell gas station in Corbin, Kentucky?Kentucky Fried Chicken
Both preceded and succeeded by Vladimir Putin, he was Russia's third President and now (as of 2013) serves as Prime Minister?Dmitry Medvedev
The small city of Kalispell, Montana is the gateway to what one million acre National Park?Glacier National Park
Meaning "to understand intuitively or by empathy," the term "grok" was coined in which science fiction novel?Stranger in a Strange Land
Who was referred to as "The Queen of Country Music"?Tammy Wynette
Which Oscar-winning actress stars in the 2013 film thriller "The Call"?Halle Berry
The word "tandoori" in the name of an Indian dish refers to "tandoor", which is what?A traditional clayoven
Famous paintings by Caravaggio, Titian, van Oostsanen and others depict Salome holding the severed head of which Biblical figure?John the Baptist
Who composed the aria "Nessun Dorma"?Puccini
Which country produces Mateus Rose wine?Portugal
Who was "Plain and Tall" in the title of a 1986 children's novel by Patricia MacLachlan?Sarah
Which of the following is located in Ossining, New York?Sing Sing Prison
Which of the Beatles was the youngest?George
"Rigoletto" and "La Traviata" are operas by which composer?Verdi
Considered to be a mecca for jazz fans, Preservation Hall is located in which U.S. city?New Orleans
Livy was a famous Roman. What was his profession?Historian
Frankfort is the capital of which American state?Kentucky
What was the first US National Park?Yellowstone
What was the first name of the first human in space?Yuri
What is the value of the binary number "11011" in decimal?27
Which of the following was NOT a character in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"?Edward Murdstone
Who would most likely be seen carrying and using a "creel"?Fisherman
How long does it take light from the Sun to reach the Earth?8 minutes 20 seconds
In what year was George Orwell's masterpiece "Nineteen Eighty-Four" written?1948
What type of food is Pak Choi?Vegetable
What is Lithium?A metal
If you're brailing, you're cheating in what game, by feeling around in the bag?Scrabble
Which famous castle was the primary inspiration for the Disney theme park castle, also incorporated into the company's logo?Neuschwanstein Castle
Organza is a type of what?Fabric
The height of both horses and dogs is measured to this point, the ridge between the shoulder blades?Withers
What was the name of the horse ridden by Roy Rogers?Trigger
What are the Roman numerals for 400?CD
The strategy of doubling your bet after every loss is called what?Martingale
Which 19th century author's scary short stories include "The Pit and the Pendulum" and "The Cask of Amontillado"?Edgar Allan Poe
Of which legendary race was Hippolyta the Queen?Amazons
What name is given to a female swan?Pen
What is a marimba?Musical instrument
Which celestial object is officially known as Messier 31?The Andromeda Galaxy
Which constellation is known as "The Plough"?Ursa Major
Which orchestral instrument is not classified as a woodwind?Trombone
Which river flows through the centre of Berlin?Spree
Who sponsored the first year of the TV cartoon "The Flintstones" in the 1960's?Winston cigarettes
What New York museum, famous for its collections of musical instruments, also has more than 200,000 baseball cards?Metropolitan Museum of Art
Centered around a river of the same name, the Douro is a prominent wine region of what European country?Portugal
By what name is Barbara Millicent Roberts better known?Barbie
He negotiated the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and became fifth President of the United States of America in 1817. Name him.James Monroe
In "Peter Pan" how did Captain Hook lose his hand?Bitten off by a crocodile
What type of animal is a cachalot?Whale
Which team won the first soccer World Cup Final in 1930?Uruguay
In which decade was the skateboard invented?1950s
Captain Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands. What were they originally called?Sandwich Islands
What company created Strawberry Shortcake?American Greetings
Four of the five sprinters with the fastest recorded 100 meters times in history come from what country?Jamaica
About half of the land of which European country is below sea level?Netherlands
The fast-paced stick and ball game known as Hurling comes from what country?Ireland
Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley played "Edina" and "Patsy" in which long-running British sitcom?Absolutely Fabulous
What is another name for the abominable snowman?Yeti
On which continent is the country of Mauritania?Africa
Where would you be if you were buying things with Shekels?Israel
Charlie Brown is the main character in which comic strip?Peanuts
Who became the first artist commercially available on CD?Billy Joel
What is the deepest point in the Pacific Ocean?Mariana Trench
The book and film "Black Hawk Down" chronicle a 1993 battle between U.S. forces and militia in what African city?Mogadishu
The atomic number of an element refers to how many of which subatomic particle each atom of that element has?Proton
In which west coast US city is the Space Needle located?Seattle
Known for playing sharp-tongued characters, which actress appears in "Downton Abbey" as well as the "Harry Potter" films?Maggie Smith
What 2006 viral internet Christmas sensation required uploading the user's photo?Elf Yourself
Adapted to a film multiple times, which 18th century French novel features the character Vicomte de Valmont?The Dangerous Liaisons
Napoleon's famous war horse was named?Marengo
What Disney movie contributed to dozens of cases of salmonella, when kids began kissing amphibians?The Princess and the Frog
This word refers to the central part of a church building that holds most of the congregation?Nave
In addition to being the name of a Portuguese archipelago, what is "Madeira"?A fortified wine
The radius of the earth, the distance from the center of the earth to its surface, is approximately what?4000 miles
Which large automaker has owned Rolls-Royce Motor Cars since 2003?BMW
First built in 537 AD, the Hagia Sophia has served as a cathedral and a mosque and is now a museum. In which city is it?Istanbul
In an American casino, how many divisions does a roulette wheel have?38
Once known for violent crime and being the home of drug cartels, it is Colombia's second largest city?Medellin
Who do the Italians call Topolino?Mickey Mouse
What bone, along with the radius, are the two bones that extend from the elbow to the wrist in the human body?Ulna
The Ishihara test is used to check for what condition?Colour Blindness
The novel "Solaris" from what Polish science fiction writer has been adapted to movie screens three times?Stanislaw Lem
Which animal is mentioned more frequently than any other in the Bible?Sheep
"The Book of Kells" is a 9th century magnificnetly illuminated manuscript. Where is Kells?Ireland
What would be the most appropriate use for produce harvested from the plant species "Vitis vinifera"?Make it into wine
What is supposedly the only object that a werewolf is vulnerable to?Silver Bullet
What does a philatelist collect?Stamps
The longest-running daytime drama ran on CBS from 1952 to 2009. What was it?Guiding Light
Which international company shares its name with a character from Hermann Melville's "Moby Dick"?Starbucks
Which of these famous 20th century horror novels was NOT written by a woman?I Am Legend
The cavy, an animal commonly kept as a pet, is better known by what name in the UK and North America?Guinea Pig
What software program is used to look at web pages?Browser
At which American War of Independence battle were the British defeated, thus ending the war?Yorktown
What famous actor made his film debut playing "Boo Radley" opposite Gregory Peck in 1962's "To Kill a Mockingbird"?Robert Duvall
As avid players of the board game Risk should know, the Kamchatka Peninsula is located where?Eastern Russia
From which fruit is Calvados distilled?Apples
Along with Israel, which country borders the Dead Sea?Jordan
What buzzing instrument was popularized by the 2010 World Cup in South Africa?Vuvuzelas
In which US state is the Mojave Desert?California
Which star sign is associated with the scales?Libra
Owing to how the first one was developed, the word "vaccine" was derived from the Latin word for what animal?Cow
Which is the only country to feature the Bible on its national flag?Dominican Republic
What flavor addition did both Coke and Pepsi market unsuccessfully in the early 2000s?Vanilla
Odin was the most powerful god in which mythology?Norse
At which Australian tourist attraction could you see The Crocoseum, Elephantasia and the Tiger Temple?Australia Zoo
What is the scientific name for the human shoulder blade?Scapula
In classical singing and opera, females with the lowest singing voices are classified as what?Contralto
Listed among the tallest skyscrapers in the world, in which country are the Petronas Towers?Malaysia
What name is given to a device placed in beer ans and bottles to help to generate froth?Widget
Now drawn by his son, this man created the "Family Circus" syndicated comic strip in 1960?Bil Keane
What term means the information-carrying capacity of a channel?Bandwidth
Attracting 350,000 tourists per year, most of Serengeti National Park is located within what African country?Tanzania
"SEAL" is an acronym for?Sea Air Land
The words "Bungalow" and "Shampoo" come from the languages of which country?India
What was the first Disney movie in which none of the animals or creatures can talk?Pocahontas
The Sugar Plum Fairy is a character from which ballet?The Nutcracker
What was the name of the fictional pirate Captain Hook's ship?Jolly Roger
Which famous fashion designer was gunned down outside his home in Miami Beach, Florida in 1997?Gianni Versace
Which ancient world wonder was found in Alexandria?The Lighthouse
Parker and Barrow were the surnames of which famous couple?Bonnie and Clyde
The the memory of which queen were 12 crosses erected between Lincoln and London?Eleanor of Castile
American-born Larry Adler was a great virtuoso on which instrument?Harmonica
Which of these famous authors did NOT commit suicide?Ian Fleming
According to the Bible, on what day did God make the Sun, Moon and Stars?Fourth day
How tall in inches is a horse that measures 15 hands high?60
What magazine did multi-millionaire Walter Annenberg found in 1953?TV Guide
What is the highest ranked US military award for bravery?Medal of Honor
Which fashion house was born of a nineteenth century French trunk manufacturer?Louis Vuitton
In terms of musicals, who are Marco and Giuseppe?The Gondoliers
Called the "King of Terriers", what is the largest breed of terrier dog?Airedale terrier
In 1911, who became the first explorer to reach the South Pole?Roald Amundsen
What color stripe is not on a barber pole?Black
Killed at the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar, a statue of which British naval hero towers over Trafalgar Square?Horatio Nelson
Erich Weiss is better known by what name?Harry Houdini
Which European country had the Zloty as its currency?Poland
How many players are on a Gaelic Football team?15
Of the six largest cities in New Zealand, which is the only one that resides on the South Island?Christchurch
The Hugo Awards are awarded every year for achievement in what?Sci-fi/fantasy writing
In which Olympic event might you encounter the terms Eggbeater and Flamingo?Synchronised swimming
Grown most in Bangladesh, Jute is a natural fiber used to create hope, twine, and this coarse fabric?Burlap
Who invented the World Wide Web?Tim Berners-Lee
What team sport has a position called a "libero"?Volleyball
In the film "Blade Runner", what name was given to robots with a human appearance?Replicants
The phrase "shot heard round the world" refers to what?American Revolution
Who invented the Spinning Jenny?Hargreaves
Czechoslovakia formally separated into two different countries on January 1 of what year?1993
What opera singer, who was once a mobile phone salesman, won the first series of Britain's Got Talent in 2007?Paul Potts
Which state did the USA buy from Russia in 1867?Alaska
Who composed the music for the ballet "The Tales of Hoffmann"?Offenbach
New Orleans is located on the banks of what river?Mississippi
Which watchmaker is regarded as the "Father of English Clockmaking"?Thomas Tompion
One of the first great female African-American authors, she is best known for "Their Eyes Were Watching God"?Zora Neale Hurston
In which city is the world famous complex of buildings known as the Kremlin?Moscow
Which festival literally means "Fat Tuesday"?Mardi Gras
In which continent will you find the Atlas Mountains?Africa
You know about the Mona Lisa's smile, but you may not have noticed that she is missing something. What?Eyebrows
Who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy?Sirhan Sirhan
Which car is a famous Porsche model?Carrera
Which company is the world's top producer of bowling equipment and one of the largest billiard table manufacturers?Brunswick
What profession did Auguste Escoffier have?Chef
Outdoor sporting goods and clothing retailer L.L. Bean was founded in 1912 in what state?Maine
Vexillology is the study of what?Flags
What is the principal ore of aluminium?Bauxite
What would a Scotsman carry in his sporran?His money
After you have rolled doubles in Monopoly, you do you do?Roll again
"Land Cruiser" have been made by what automaker since 1951?Toyota
What year did Facebook debut?2004
In 1893 which country became the first to grant women the right to vote?New Zealand
Which of these is NOT a dinosaur?Thesaurus
What popular dance originated in Argentina?Tango
What is the average speed of a runner who runs a four minute mile?15 mph
Who was the author of such books as "The Stranger", "The Fall", and "The Plague"?Albert Camus
By what other "acidic" name is Vitamin C also known?Ascorbic Acid
How many acres fit inside of a hectare?2.47
Which fruit is pureed and strained to make Passata?Tomato
Which comedienne scored a New York Times bestseller in 2011 with her comedic autobiography "Bossypants"?Tina Fey
What country gave the world the Crocs?Tanzania
Surprising to some, which northern Arizona city is one of the ten highest in the U.S. for average annual snowfall?Flagstaff
What is the literal meaning of the city name "Reykjavik", home city of QuizUp?Smoky Bay
In mythology, what were Medusa, Stheno and Euryale collectively known as?The Gorgons
Among which 19th century author's short stories are "The Pit and the Pendulum" and "The Cask of Amontillado"?Edgar Allan Poe
What is a "Brown Thrasher"?Bird
In which Shakespeare play do Portia, Bassanio and Antonio appear?The Merchant of Venice
Which of the following shark species are NOT considered one of the top three most dangerous to humans?Hammerhead
Who wrote the "Unfinished Symphony"?Schubert
Which of these would be most likely to use a metronome?Musician
From what country is Pamela Anderson?Canada
George Lucas directed what film, released in 1977?Star Wars
What colour ribbon was adopted in 1991 as a symbol of AIDS awareness?Red
Among this Pulitzer-winning author's famous novels are "American Pastoral" and "Portnoy's Complaint"?Philip Roth
Which musical instrument is called "Dudelsack" in German and "Zampogna" in Italian?Bagpipes
In which city did the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre take place?Chicago
Name the missing DNA nucleobase: Thymine, Adenine, Cytosine, ___?Guanine
What music studio gave Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis their starts?Sun
Which moon traditionally comes after the "Harvest Moon"?Hunter's Moon
Housed in a building big enough to hold 9 football pithes inside, the world's largest flower auction house is located where?The Netherlands
What is the broadest measure of the U.S. Stock Market?Wilshire 5000
What popular Pixar animated film partially takes place in the city of "Metroville"?The Incredibles
Best known for his novels, what writer's non-fiction include "Danse Macabre" and "On Writings: A Memoir of the Craft"?Stephen King
How many hoops are used in a game of CroquetSix
What is the maximum number of clubs a golfer may carry (legally) in his/her golf bag?14
Which country has not fought a war since 1815?Switzerland
The Barry Levinson films "Diner", "Tin Men", "Avalon" and "Liberty Heights" all take place in which U.S. City?Baltimore
This video game company, founded in 1991, created Starcraft, Diablo, and World of Warcraft?Blizzard Entertainment
In which of the following non-fiction books would you find numerous references to "Deep Throat"?All the President's Men
In what year did Michael Jackson die?2009
Which scale is used to measure the spicy heat of chili peppers?Scoville Scale
Who was awarded the 1981 Booker Prize for the novel "Midnight's Children"?Salman Rushdie
What name is given to an otter's den?Holt
As of 2005, which of these jobs has Barbie not held?Planned Parenthood Counselor
This famed actor, who died in December, 2013, held a record with eight acting Oscar nominations without a win?Peter O'Toole
What is a polygraph used for?Lie detecting
What color is Sonic the Hedgehog?Blue
C.S. Lewis wrote "The Chronicles of Narnia". What do the letters C.S. stand for?Clive Staples
Which folk trio recorded "Puff the Magic Dragon" in 1963?Peter, Paul, and Mary
From World War II to 2015, half the American presidents have had what characteristic, which 90% of Americans don't have?Left-handed
What species of bird builds the largest nests in North America?Bald Eagle
What type of insect is the Spanish Fly?Beetle
In which European capital city will you find "The Trevi Fountain"?Rome
In 2012, Superman got a new girlfriend. Who?Wonder Woman
What went on the market beginning in 1998?Viagra
Paul Hewson is better known by what stage name?Bono
Chicago stands on the shores of which lake?Michigan
Visited by Pope Francis in 2013, this country has more Catholics than any other country in the world?Brazil
The label on a bottle of Sriracha sauce, as sold in the U.S., features a picture of which animal?Rooster
How many squares make up a standard "Snakes & Ladders" board?100
Who was the first female Prime Minister of Great Britain?Margaret Thatcher
Selene is the Greek goddess of what?Moon
The President works in the West Wing. Where does the Vice President work?Old Executive Office Building
In which country would you be if you were spending a "dong"?Vietnam
Most early paintball guns used what pressurized gas to launch paintballs at other players?Carbon dioxide
Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza are the main islands of which group?Balearic Islands
Where are the Atlas Mountains?North Africa
Which city in New South Wales, Australia is in a different time zone from the rest of the state?Broken Hill
Which horror story is subtitled "The Modern Prometheus"?Frankenstein
There once was a man from Nantucket. He lived on an island in what U.S. state?Massachusetts
Located near Nurburg, Germany, what is the Nurburgring?Automobile racetrack
Shiva is an important deity in which religion?Hinduism
Which of these is NOT a moon of Jupiter?Triton
This blue/rock guitarist and his band "The Destroyers" were "Bad to the Bone" in 1982?George Thorogood
In what year was the Cuban Missile Crisis?1962
Which was the first US city to host the Olympic games?St. Louis
What age was George Foreman when he won the World Heavyweight Championship in 1994?45
Which country has as its anthem "The Soldier's Song"?Ireland
In what country might you enjoy a McSalmon Burger alongside a plate of McSpaghetti?Singapore
Which of these are tourist attractions in Egypt?Pyramids
What was the first capital city ot be bombed from the air?Paris
Where does a pineapple grow?On the ground
Scrumpy is a form of which drink that is traditionally made in the West Country of England?Cider
The plot of the film and book "Moneyball" revolve around what professional baseball team?Oakland Athletics
In which language was the Christmas carol "Silent Night" originally written?German
Cities in this U.S. include Nampa, Moscow, and Coeur d'Alene?Idaho
In 2007, which country was selected to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup?Brazil
Rigel and Betelgeuse are two stars in what constellation?Orion
With which country did the UK fight the Cod War in the 1960s?Iceland
Serving from 2010-2013, who was Australia's first female Prime Minister?Julia Gillard
Which creature lives in a sett?Badger
Which Major League Baseball team plays its home games at Camden Yards?Baltimore Orioles
A terrific movie, but in which country will you find Casablanca?Morocco
Which of the following power tools are you NOT likely to find in a woodworking shop?Tumbler
President Franklin D. Roosevelt's middle name was what?Delano
In which sport might a participant perform a veronica?Bull fighting
Before co-founding the doughnut store chain that bears his name, Tim Horton first gained fame as a what?Hockey player
The Komodo Dragon, the world's largest lizard, can only be found in the wild in what country?Indonesia
Who is the Kardashians' famous stepfather?Bruce Jenner
Which of these British automobile manufacturers has NOT gone out of business?Bentley
What Mac user was the first president to have a laptop on his Oval Office desk?Barack Obama
Which U.S. State is known as "The Volunteer State"?Tennessee
Got your music on an MP3? What do the letters MP stand for?Moving Picture
Which former US president was awarded a Nobel peace prize in 2002?Jimmy Carter
How long did it take Apollo 11 to fly to the Moon?4d 6h 45mn
Which country was formerly known as "Ceylon"?Sri Lanka
What was Mahatma Gandhi's first name?Mohandas
What is the Capital of Uruguay?Montevideo
What fad item was invented by British accountant Edward Craven-Walker in 1963?Lava Lamps
What is the national sport of England?Cricket
In what year was the original King Kong movie released?1933
Who released the 2011 viral video "Friday"?Rebecca Black
Considered the traditional or symbolic color of Islam, which color appears in the flags of most Muslim countries?Green
Who promoted the development of the Volkswagen "Beetle"?Adolf Hitler
Adherents of which religion observe Hanukkah?Judaism
Which popular German dish is made with rabbit?Hasenpfeffer
What is a "Chanterelle"?Type of mushroom
If you are standing between the Charles and Mystic Rivers, what U.S. city are you probably in?Boston
Where was Paul Vasquez when he filmed his Double Rainbow viral video?Yosemite National Park
In which Canadian province is the captal, OttawaOntario
How many people had TVs in 1945?7000
The 1997 film "Mrs. Brown" was about the relationship between his British monarch and her servant?Queen Victoria
In which city was Christopher Columbus born?Genoa
How many Chronicles of Narnia books are there?7
Which popular pastry is made with phyllo dough?Baklava
Kung Fu originated in what country?China
Stephan King secretly published five novels using what pseudonym between 1977 and 1984 before being discovered?Richard Bachman
Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK. Who killed Oswald?Jack Ruby
Which writer disappeared for 11 days in December 1926, sparking a huge manhunt?Agatha Christie
Salts of which metallic element are often used as a treatment for bipolar disorder?Lithium
Which Disney character provided a nickname for British Prime Minister Tony Blair?Bambi
Which word means shaped like a helmet?Galeate
Where would you find Nike of Samothrace and Liberty Guiding the People?Louvre
Caspian Sea
Ailurophobia is a fear of what?Cats
How many blank tiles are available at the beginning of a standard Scrabble game?2
Which hot root vegetable is sometimes called Japanese Horseradish?Wasabi
How many years did Nelson Mandela spend in prison?27
Which hot root vegetable is sometimes called Japanese Horseradish?Wasabi
How many blank tiles are available at the beginning of a standard Scrabble game?2
Ailurophobia is a fear of what?Cats
How do you spell the name of the famous leek and potato soup that is usually served cold?Vichyssoise
Leonardo da Vinci was a famous scientist, artist and inventor born in what country?Italy
What pastime, also known as ducks and drakes in the UK, saw Russel Byars set a world record at 51?Skipping a stone on water
What is 25% of three score?15
In 2011, this Italian automaker gained majority control of U.S. automaker Chrysler?Fiat
What alcoholic drink is made from juniper berries?Gin
Sporting goods company Adidas was founded in and is currently headquartered in which country?Germany
Route 66 ran from Los Angeles to what city?Chicago
Which mythological hero killed the Nemean Lion?Hercules
If you caught a spiny lobster, what about its appearance would differentiate it from a regular lobster?No claws
Who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1993 and again in 1994?Tom Hanks
What operatic singer, who was once a mobile phone salesman, won the first series of Britain's Got Talent in 2007?Paul Potts
What did George H.W. Bush annouce he didn't like in 1989?Broccoli
Which metal is obtained from bauxite?Aluminium
Which New York Street is the centre of commerical theatre in the USA?Broadway
Multiply the number of edges on a cube by the number of faces.72
In medieval times what was a mangonel used for?Launching Missiles
The title of the TV adaptation, "A Game of Thrones" is the title of just the first book of which George R.R. Martine series?A Song of Ice and Fire
What was Charlie's surname in the Roald Dahl book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"?Bucket
The Vedas are a volume of ancient texts that contain the oldest scriptures of what religion?Hinduism
Which town in Australia shares its name with a creature from Aborginal mythology?Bunyip
Based on "One Thousand and One Nights", "Scheherazade" is one of which Russian composer's most famous works?Rimsky-Korsakov
Which country was worst affected by the mad cow disease outbreak, with 166 human deaths blamed on tainted meat?United Kingdom
Who wrote "The Chronicles of Narnia"?C.S. Lewis
Mustafa Kemal, revolutionary statesman and the first President of Turkey, was better known by what name?Ataturk
How many Oscars did the 1997 film "Titanic" win?11
For what profession was Thomas Chippendale famous?Furniture maker
In May 2001, what company paid $1 million to dliver a salami pizza to Yuri Usachev aboard the International Space Station?Pizza Hut
For me, the holy grail is the 1921 Alaska. What do I collect?License Plates
Which country declared itself an independent Republic on 17th June, 1944?Iceland
If you wanted to see the illuminated manuscript known as the "Book of Kells", what city would you visit?Dublin
What was the name of the classic 1930 anti-war film which was re-made in 1979?All Quite on the Western Front
Which famous military figure had a war horse named Copenhagen?The Duke of Willington
What is a "conundrum"?Difficult problem
Who is supposed to have established the measurement of a yard by measuring from his nose to his thumb?King Henry I
Which insect carries the draded disease of sleeping sickness?Tsetse fly
How many chess pieces does each player begin the game with?16
Who carried out the second circumnavigation of the world?Francis Drake
What is the fear of going outside called?Agoraphobia
Which brand of car was the time machine in the film "Back to the Future"?De Lorean
Acadia National Park, with its beautiful rocky seashores, resides in what U.S. state?Maine
Which tire brand is named after the Scottish inventor who created the first practical pneumatic tire in 1887?Dunlop
What is the name of the first "test tube" baby, born in 1978?Louise Brown
Lines on a map joining places of equal atmospheric pressure are called what?Isobars
What was the name of Sherlock Holmes' older brother?Mycroft
The "Spruce Goose" was what?A huge wooden floatplane
What is the oldest airline in the world operating under its original name?KLM
What was the name of the first US space shuttle?Columbia
Shrek is not only a movie ogre, but also a word for "fear" or "horror" in what language?Yiddish
When blood is first pumped out of the right side of the human heart, where is it sent first?Lungs
Regretting something you did in college? Don't worry. What can you reverse with a YAG laser?Tattoos
What name is given to a word or phrase that reads the same backwards and forwards?Palindrome
What does a barista do?Makes coffee
What capital city was originally known as Edo?Tokyo
What two Disney cartoon characters are eating spaghetti when they accidentally smooch?Lady and the Tramp
Who originally said "Government of the people, for the people, by the people"?Abraham Lincoln
What is the surname of identical twins "Tiki" and "Ronde", who both played with distinction in the NFL?Barber
What is the most popular name for a pope?John
What is the largest county in Ireland?Cork
Who topped the Forbes Fictional Fifteen list in 2005, on account of his essentially infinite wealth?Santa Claus
In what country can you visit Machu Picchu?Peru
What type of garment is a peignoir?Dressing Gown
Which of these is NOT a variety of apple?Anjou
Who released an album called, simply, "War"?U2
Oxygen and what other gaseous element make up 99% of our atmosphere?Nitrogen
What was the first year commercials showed women wearing (only) underwear?1987
In what year did the St Valentines Day Massacre take place in Chicago?1929
Ohio state license plates bear the slogan "Birthplace of Aviation". What stat's plates proclaim "First in Flight"?North Carolina
Superman would fear what rare, well-hidden gas, whose name comes from the Greek for "hidden"?Krypton
What do the letters H.W. stand for in President George H.W. Bush?Herbert Walker
Chopin, Tchaikovsky and Mendelssohn were among the composers from this period of Western classical music?Romantic period
Which is the lighest of the chemical elements?Hydrogen
What kind of fish do Germans use to make a rollmop?Herring
Before Iceland became independent, it was under the sovereignty of which country?Denmark
What movie rating was created in 1984?PG-13
Van Gogh
By what name did the Romans usually refer to Ireland?Hibernia
In what portion of the USSR did the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant reside?Ukraine
Which woman has the most monuments erected to her?The Virgin Mary
Which winter Olympic sport uses a rubberised disc called a puck?Ice Hockey
Which type of player would be referred to as one of the "2" in the traditional football formation known as "4-4-2"?Striker
What disease is commonly called lockjaw?Tetanus
Which breed of miniature horse is the smallest in the world?Falabella
John Creasey wrote 560 books; under how many pseudonyms?28
In a European casino, how many divisions does a roulette wheel have?Thirty-seven
The Red Sox play baseball in which city?Boston
Daytona is synonymous with racing and speed. In which US state is Daytona?Florida
Which nuts are used to make marzipan?Almonds
Residing on the Baltic coast, which city is Poland's largest seaport?Gdansk
The wind indicator at an airport shares its name with which item of clothing?Sock


General Knowledge — 8 Comments

  1. Which popular pastry is made with phyllo dough? -Baklava
    Kung Fu originated in what country? -China
    Stephan King secretly published five novels using what pseudonym between 1977 and 1984 before being discovered? -Richard Bachman
    Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK. Who killed Oswald? -Jack Ruby
    Which writer disappeared for 11 days in December 1926, sparking a huge manhunt? -Agatha Christie

  2. Salts of which metallic element are often used as a treatment for bipolar disorder? -Lithium
    Which Disney character provided a nickname for British Prime Minister Tony Blair? -Bambi
    Which word means shaped like a helmet? -Galeate
    Born Alecia Beth Moore in 1979, this singers’ hits include “Just Give Me a Reason” and “Raise Your Glass”? -P!nk
    Where would you find Nike of Samothrace and Liberty Guiding the People? -Louvre
    What is the Earth’s largest lake? -Caspian Sea

  3. How many years did Nelson Mandela spend in prison? -27
    Which hot root vegetable is sometimes called Japanese Horseradish? -Wasabi
    How many blank tiles are available at the beginning of a standard Scrabble game? -2
    Ailurophobia is a fear of what? -Cats

  4. How do you spell the name of the famous leek and potato soup that is usually served cold? -Vichyssoise
    Adolf Hitler’s mountain retreat known as the “Eagle’s Nest” was located near what Bavarian municipality? -Berchtesgaden
    Which garden flower gets its name from the Latin word for “a small sword”? -Gladiolus
    Leonardo da Vinci was a famous scientist, artist and inventor born in what country? -Italy

  5. What pastime, also known as ducks and drakes in the UK, saw Russel Byars set a world record at 51? -Skipping a stone on water
    What is 25% of three score? -15
    What was the name of Harry Potter’s mother? -Lily
    In 2011, this Italian automaker gained majority control of U.S. automaker Chrysler? -Fiat

  6. Which 1972 film famously featured “Dueling Banjos”? -Deliverance
    What alcoholic drink is made from juniper berries? -Gin
    Sporting goods company Adidas was founded in and is currently headquartered in which country? -Germany
    “Bazaar” and “magic” are derived from Farsi, the language of which country? -Iran
    Route 66 ran from Los Angeles to what city? -Chicago

  7. Which mythological hero killed the Nemean Lion? -Hercules
    If you caught a spiny lobster, what about its appearance would differentiate it from a regular lobster? -No claws
    Who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1993 and again in 1994? -Tom Hanks
    An F5 tornado, the most destructive, can have wind speeds of more than 300mph. What does the “F” in “F5” stand for? -Fujita

  8. We’re programming a bot which is able to play QuizUp – Topic general knowledge (in German only).
    I’d just like to share the information here, that at the time, we’re counting more than 1’700 different questions. Long way to go..

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