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The leeward side of a mountain which does not receive rain as known asRain-shadow area
Of the following countries, which country has only one time zone?China
In what entirely non-vampiric country would you find Transylvania?Romania
What letter is found at the end of the most US states – 21 in all?A
Which European country has the most nuclear power plants?France
The European Parliament meets in which two cities?Strasbourg and Brussels
What was Malawi's former name prior to independence?Nyasaland
In 1821, American seal hunter John Davis became the first person known to have set foot on what territory?Antarctic
Considered the most isolated populated place on earth, what island is a dependency of the equally isolated St Helena?Tristan de Cunha
Which railway station has the most platforms in the world?Grand Central, New York
In whihc US city is the world famous Sears Tower skyscraper located?Chicago
What continent has both the lowerest high point and the highest low point, with just 7500 feet difference between them?Australia
Your office hires some I-Kiribati and some Ni-Vanuatu, who are originally from nations in what part of the world?Pacific Ocean
What state, known for its fierce deserts, get its name from the Spanish for "snow covered"?Nevada
In what South America country are a third of the people Hindu and a tenth Muslim?Guyana
International Falls, which calls itself the Icebox of the Nation is right across the border from Canada in what US state?Minnesota
What country's flag depicts the night sky of Rio de Janeiro as seen on November 15, 1889?Brazil
According to the 2001 US Census Bureau, six of the 10 largest US cities are in which two states?California and Texas
An ocean and a mountain range are named for a man who held up the world on his shoulders. Who was he?Atlas
Which European city is nicknamed the 'Granite City'?Aberdeen
As of 2006, what US city has the largest Hispanic, Asian and black population?New York City
How many lakes are there in Finland?187880
South Africa's longest river is named for a Dutch prince and inspired the name of a "free state." What is it?Orange
What is the origin of Georgia (the country)'s name?Named after St George
From 1891 to 1911, what letter did the US Board of Geographic Names eliminate from Pittsburgh's name?H
Home to both Mount Whitney and Death Valley, where is Inyo County?California
What is the population of Iran71.4 million
Where can you find the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building?Manhattan
Five of the world's eight longest rivers are found on what continent?Asia
What US state celebrates King Kamehameha Day every June 11?Hawaii
Into which body of water does the Danube river flow?Black Sea

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