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Glee Trivia QuestionAnswer
What is the name of the McKinley school football team?Titans
In what episode does Mike have his first line?Throwdown
Who plays the xylophone at the beginning and end of Sue's morning annoucement?Becky
Who does Kitty agree to date secretly in the season 5 episode "Love Love Love"?Artie
What was the name of the jewelry shop featured in the season 3 episode Yes/No?The Diamond Basement
Who becomes "The Almighty Treble Clef - Uniter of Glee clubs"?Finn
What is the first name of Miss Pillsbury?Emma
Who does Finn offer the role of Rizzo in the Glee production of Grease?Wade
What game do Puck and Becky play in the season 3 episode "Prom-asauras"?Strip Poker
Who returns to McKinley High in the season 2 episode "Rumours" after a failed attempt to make it on Broadway?April
Which season of Glee features the first appearance of Shannon Beiste?Season 2
What is the name of the Dalton Academy glee club?Dalton Academy Warblers
In which season does Wade make her first appearance?Season 3
In the season 3 episode "Mash-ups" what does Brittany promise if she is elected for class president?Topless Tuesdays
Which character was played by Brooke Smith?Dr. Hahn
Which doctor do they call "The Nazi"?Miranda Bailey

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