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Golf Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who missed a 2-foot putt at the 1989 Masters, and then lost altogether to Nick Faldo?Scott Hoch
What is the name of the Women's equivalent of the Ryder Cup?Solheim Cup
Which of these is another name for a particular kind of golf course?Links
Based on his ethnicity, which of these holidays would have appealed most to golfer Lee Trevino?Cinco de Mayo
Which golfer can be seen on the top of the Ryder Cup?Abe Mitchell
In what year was Rory Mcllroy born?1989
How many Major Titles has Colin Montgomerie won?0
In ounces, what is the maximum weight of a golf ball?1.62
What part of a golf course is nicknamed the dance floor?Green
In 1967 which golfer made the first ever televised Hole in One?Tony Jacklin
What was the first name of the US golfer Palmer?Arnold
Who beat Nick Faldo in a play off in the 1989 US Open at Brookline?Curtis Strange
Who scored a Hole in One on the final day of the 1995 Ryder Cup?Howard Clark
Who did Australian golfer Greg Norman marry in 2008?Chris Evert
In 2011, at the age of 22, who became the youngest player to amass $10 million career earnings?Rory Mcllroy
Eugenio Saraceni changed his name to Gene Sarazen and became a legend in which sport?Golf
In which year did the golfer Tony Jacklin turn professional?1962
The first Golf club to be founded outside of Great Britain was located where?India
Who holds the record as being the oldest ever winner of the US Masters?Jack Nicklaus
In 1929, which British Golf Club become the first to host the Ryder Cup on British soil?Moortown
At which age can a player join the Seniors' Golf Tour?50 years

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