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Grey's Anatomy Trivia QuestionAnswer
Where is "Grey's Anatomy" set?Seattle
In season 6, which surgeon does Owen bring to work in the hospital?Dr. Teddy Altman
What color was Arizona's dress when she was getting ready for marriage counseling?Red
How many sisters does Derek have?4
Which Doctor got the chickenpox?Dr. Torres
Grey's Anatomy airs on which US station?ABC
What colour was Cristina's wedding dress in her wedding to Owen?Red
After the shooting, what was Alex afraid of?Elevators
When the shooter asked Dr. Bailey if she was a doctor, what did she say?I'm a nurse
Who was stuck with their arm inside of a patient with a bomb in their body?Meredith Grey
Who is Richard Webbers medical proxy?Meredith Grey
Which two interns perform surgery in an elevator?George and Alex
What was in the coller that Meredith carried around for a whole episode?A penis
Who bought Meredith's house when she moved in with Derek?Alex
How many times has Cristina Yang been engaged?2
How many times did April Kepner take the boards?Twice
Who is Thatcher?Meredith & Lexie's father.
What is George allowed to perform on his first shift?Appendectomy
What STD did George get from a nurse (who got it from Alex)?Syphilis

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