Harry Potter (Literature)

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Harry Potter (Literature) Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who kills Voldemort?Harry Potter
What secret organization did Harry Potter initiate, to teach fellow students proper Defense against the Dark Arts?Dumbledore's Army
What is the name of the Weasley's ramshackle family home in the Harry Potter books?The Burrow
Which UK charity benefited from the publication of two books in the expanded Harry Potter series?Comic Relief
Who was the first to say Harry would be a good Seeker?Professor McGonagall
What nationality is the writer of the Harry Potter books?British
In "Prisoner of Azakaban", Harry uses a secret passage that leads from Hogwarts to which shop in Hogsmeade?Honeydukes Sweetshop
Winky and Dobby are what kind of magical creatures?House Elves
What is the name of Harry Potter's owl?Hedwig
Which is the shortest book in the Harry Potter series by number of pages?The Philosopher's Stone
What position does the character Cornelius Fudge hold in the Harry Potter books?Minister for Magic
What type of car is it that crashes into the tree when Ron and Harry drive it?Ford Anglia
Who was the Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts?Gilderoy Lockhart
Hermoine Granger belonged to which house whilst a student at Hogwarts?Gryffindor
Who does Hagrid unwittingly acquire a dragon's egg from in the first book in the series?Professor Quirrell
In the first book, which is the birthday Harry celebrates?11
What animal does Sirius turn into?Dog
What is the first task of the Triwizard tournament?Collect a golden dragon's egg.
What event does Harry Potter celebrate at Madam Puddifoot's Teashop in the fifth book in the series?Valentine's Day
How does Harry travel to the Quidditch World Cup?Portkye
What is Harry's owl called in the Harry Potter books?Hedwig

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