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What do you use to make a "V" in a "V-up" exercise?Your entire body
Which of these food is low glycemic foods?Fruits
A calorie is a unit of measurement used to measure what?Amount of energy in food
Which vitamins are acquired through sunshine?Vitamins D and K
What is it called when your body converts fat into energy?Ketosis
What revolutionary indoor cycling program was introduced in London in January 2011?Adidas Zone Cycling
What region of the brain controls appetite?The hypothalamus
What is the hard ceramic that covers the part of the tooth that is exposed?Enamel
What is the recommended daily allowance for vitamin E?200-800 IU
What is the name of the diamond shaped muscle in the back that is worked when rowing?Trapezius
According to CDC, what increased three-fold between 1980 and 2010 in the US?Childhood obesity
What Latin-inspired fitness-dance program did Beto Perez create by accident in his native Columbia?Zumba
How much protein is in one 170g (6oz) chicken breast?About 50 grams
Which organ regulates the amount of sodium kept in the body?Kidneys
What improves with more muscles?Your metabolism
What nation rank #1 in the world for dollars per capita spent on healthcare?USA
What piece of fitness equipment uses a bar, sleeve, collars and weights or plates?A barbell
What British chef initiated a program of healthy eating in England's schools?Jamie Oliver
How many artificial sweeteners has the FDA approved?5
Who wrote the "South Beach Diet" book?Arthur Agatston


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