Herb and Spices

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Herb and Spieces Trivia QuestionAnswer
St. John's wort goes by what other name?Tiptons weed
Tarragon is native to what country?Russia
Dried anardana seed are also known as what?Pomegranate seeds
What family does the mandrake belong to?Nightshade
Damiana herb has what color flowers?Yellow
Ramsons, a herb related to chives, is also known as what?Wood garlic
What type of flavor do flax seeds have?Nutty
If stored in the refrigerator fresh herbs can last up to how many days?5
How long does parsley germination take?4-6 weeks
By what name is euphrasy better known as?Eyebright
Fenugreek belongs to what plant family?Legume or pea family
A reddish spice is called what can be found mild or spicy hot?Paprika
Where does the spice Grains of Paradise grow?West Africa
How many years can a nutmeg tree live for?100
What name is Japanese horseradish otherwise known as?Wasabi
When cooking what is a good substitution for majoram?Basil or thyme
Which of these spices are native to the Maluku islands in Indonesia?Mace
Jimbu is a herb used extensively in which nation's cuisine?Nepal
Caraway seeds have what type of flavor?Anise
Lemon balm has the gentle scent of?Lemon
Angelica grows wild in what part of the world?Northern Europe

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