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Hip Hop & Rap Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who recorded the theme song for the film "Colors"?Ice-T
Complete the title of a 2013 Macklemore hit "Thrift…"?Shop
Boyz-n-the-Hood was the debut solo album of which rap artist?Eazy-E
Who is "on the yacht" with Shop Boyz in the song "Party Like A Rockstar"?Marilyn Manson
Which rapper who was shot to death in 1996 had a tattoo on his body that read "Thug Life"?Tupac
On the hit "B.O.B." by Outkast, what did B.O.B stand for?Bombs Over Baghdad
What is the correct title of a 2010 Ludacris hit?How Low
From which state in the U.S. did West Coast Hip-Hop originate?California
"Ole Black 'N' Blue Eyes" is a song which can be found on which album by The Fratellis?Costello Music
Which of these did not feature on Eminem's "The Slim Shady LP" album?Lose Yourself
What does the group M.O.P stand for?Mash-Out Posse
"Unfinished Business" is the title of a collaboration album released by Jay-Z and which other hip hop artist?R. Kelly
Artis Ivey is the given name of what rapper?Coolio
Rick Rubin started which record label specializing in Rap music?Def Jam
"Right There" is a 2011 song released by which female singer which featured 50 Cent?Nicole Scherzinger
Don't push me because I'm close to the edge. In the song "The Message," who is so perilously close to the edge?Grandmaster Flash
Who played Mr. Jones in the 2000 film "Charlie's Angels"?LL Cool J
Mixing it with pot, the Young Outlawz claim to have smoked the ashes of what cremated leader of theirs?Tupac Shakur
According to Eminem, who "Don't gotta cuss in his raps to sell records"?Will Smith
Ludacris featured on whose 2009 single "How Do You Sleep"?Jesse McCartney's
Who headlined the 2000 free Napster-sponsored tour?Limp Bizkit
Producer Jimmy lovine discovered Eminem and founded what gangsta rap label?Interscope
Each of the Cee Lo Green's three solo albums have all reached a high of what position on the U.S. R&B album chart?2
Although he once enraged cops by singing "Cop Kiler," he later played a cop on Law & Order: SVU. Who is he?Ice-T
Grand Royal is the name of what group's record label and magazine?Beastie Boys
What was the title of the compilation album released by 50 Cent in 2003?24 shots
Coolio says that he is what age in the song "Gangsta's Paradise"?23
What was the name of Gradmaster Flash's band?Furious Five

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