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Hockey Trivia QuestionAnswer
Playing for Toronto, Nazem Kadri was the NHL's first well-known Arab Muslim player. Where was his family from?Lebanon
NHL all-star Theo Fleury went on to pla a single season for Ireland's only pro hockey team. What was it?Belfast Giants
Which superstar wore the number 99?Wayne Gretzky
What Boston Bruin (and Cleveland Crusader) wore a goalie mask that showed where his scars would have been without it?Gerry Cheevers
What team drafted the first two Europeans picked #1 by the NHL?Quebec Nordiques
In 2007, which Minnesota Wild defenseman was first since 2003 to score two straight overtime goals?Brent Burns
Steve Smith helped what team knock the Oilers out of the 1986 playoffs, when he accidentally scored on his own net?Calgary Flames
At 6'9'', who became the tallest NHL player when he started with the New York Islanders in 1997-98?Zdeno Chara
The minor league Johnstown Chiefs are named for the team in what hockey movie?Slap Shot
What Anaheim Mighty Duck scored two goals in the NHL's Young Stars Game in 2007?Ryan Getzlaf
Who celebrated being the first person to score 50 goals in the 2008-09 season by pretending to set his hot stick afire?Alex Ovechkin
What hockey great entered 2008-09 as a fourth-year coach for Phoenix?Wayne Gretzky
In October 2008, the Pittsburgh Penguins traded Michael Sersen to which team?Tampa Bay Lightning
What is the reason behind New York's NHL team being called the Rangers?Founded by Tex Rickard
Six members of what family from Viking, Alberta, went on to the NHL?Sutter
What Barbadian Canadian goalie has appeared on the TV soap operas One Life to Live and All My Children?Kevin Weekes
Found on its logo, what is the island for which the New York Islanders are named?Long Island
What Nashville Predator scored two shorthanded goals against the St. Lousis Blues in 2008?Scott Nichol
Award to the best defensive forward, who won the Frank Selke Trophy in each of its first four years?Bob Gainey
In which arena did Wayne Gretzky play his last NHL game?Madison Square Garden
Despite missing 24 games in 1993 to fight Hodgkin's disease, who won the 1992-93 scoring championship anyway?Mario Lemieux
Plagued by stress and depression, what goalie died at age 40 after drunkenly horsing around with Rangers teammate Rom Stewart?Terry Sawchuk
Awarded to Tex Rickard in 1926, two years later it became the first US NHL team to win the Cup. What I it?New York Rangers
In the early 200's, what Red Wings defenceman won the Norris Trophy three years in a row?Nicklas Lidstrom
In the 1972 WHA draft, the Calgary Broncos drafted Alexei Kosygin. This was odd, because of who he was. Who?Soviet premier
What trophy was named for the father of a Montreal Canadians coach and GM?Hart Trophy
How many goals did Robert Scuderi score during the 2005-06 season?None
Who was the head coach of Calgary Flames from 2002-2006?Darryl Sutter
How many Stanley Cups did the New Jersey Devils win in the 1990's?One
Which of these NHL stars is from Finland?Teemu Selanne
2008 Hall of Fame inductee Glenn Anderson last played in the NHL for whom?St. Lousis Blues
What NHL trophy is named for the president it has in its rookie years?Calder Trophy
At first, what NHL team played its home games at the Border Cities Arena in Windsor, Ontario?Detriot Red Wings
In 1974, the Buffalo Sabres Punch Imlach picked Taro Tsujimoto from Japan with the 183rd pick. How did Imlach find him?At random from the phone book

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