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Horse Trivia QuestionAnswer
Known for its smooth gait and unique "running walk", what breed of horse is this?Tennessee Walking Horse
Which colour describes a horse with a white coat?Grey
What part of the horse does stringhalt affect?Hindlegs
Whos did Gandalf ride in Toilkien's "Lord of the Rings"?Shadowfax
In showjumping, how many faults for a knockdown?Four
Which palomino breed originated in Austria?Haflinger
Name the horse in the movie, "The Horse Whisperer".Pilgrim
What is the study of horses called?Hippology
What is a horse making the "flehmen response" doing?Smelling
What is a twitch used for?Restraint
What is the name of the main stallion in "The Silver Brumby".Thowra
Name the vocolization sound made by donkeys?Bray
Which 2005 horse movie did Dakota Fanning star in?Dreamer
Where would you find a horse's chestnuts?Legs
What is the Uffington horse made from?Chalk
Which of these is a pony breed?New Forest
Name this breed, a direct descendent of Viking horses from 1100 years ago and the only breed of horse found in its home country.Icelandic horse
Who is the only horse to have won three Melbourne Cup races?Makybe Diva
Which is NOT part of three day enevnting's grand slam?Adelaide
Which UK pony breed has what's called a "toad eye"?Exmoor Pony
Which metal is most commonly used to make bits?Stainless steel
How long is the USA Tevis Cup endurance ride?100 miles
Romulus, shown in the picture, is the world's tallest donkey. How tall is he?17 hands
Which word is derived from the French word for "training"?Dressage
What is a tern for an improperly gelded horse?Rig

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