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House Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which appendage causes House great pain?Right leg
Which character is head of the Department of Oncology and House's friend?James Wilson
"House" star Hugh Laurie played opposite Rowan Atkinson in which British sitcom?Blackadder
What is House's favorite kind of sandwich?Reuben
Dr. House and Dr. Wilson first met in which city?New Orleans
Which character on "House" is an intensive care specialist?Robert Chase
Which character attacks a plastic skeleton after she discovers that her husband cheated on her?Jessica Adams
What was Dr. House speculated to have in the episode "Lines in the Sand"?Asperger Syndrome
Which character has the most appearances after her death?Amber
"House" creator David Shore based the main character partly on what famous detective?Sherlock Holmes
Which character calls Dr. House a "coward" in the third season?James Wilson
Who plays the role of Gregory House?Hugh Laurie
What was Dr. Adams' first name?Jessica Adams
Who is credited as the creator of the show "House"?David Shore
In season one , which billionaire tries to turn the hospital into a testing facility?Edward Vogler
Which detective has House thrown in jail overnight for illegal possession of medication?Michael Tritter
What is the drug related title of the premiere episode of the 8th season?Twenty Vicodin
Which family member does Dr. House refer to as a "human polygraph"?His Mother
What actress played Remy "Thirteen" Hadley?Olivia Wilde
What is Hugh Laurie's real first name?James
In the pilot episode, a man visits the clinic who's skin has turned which color?Orange
What is the name of Foreman's brother?Marcus
In the episode "Kids", the hospital is quarantined due to which disease?Miningitis
Which director played himself in an episode of House?Bryan Singer
What is the name of the theme song on House?Teardrop
In a season 5 episode, Amber appears to House in a hallucination while he is playing what song?Georgia on my Mind
Dr. House routinely rejects cases for what reason?They Aren't Interesting

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