How I Met Your Mother

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How I Met Your Mother Trivia QuestionAnswer
What is article one Bro Code?Bros before hoes
What is the name of the belt awarded to Ted or Barney when one of them is part of a threesome?The Three-way belt
When Lily, Marshall and Ted dressed as Lady and the Tramp and the bowl of spaghetti who was the bowl of spaghetti?Ted
"How I Met Your Mother" revolves around which characters?Ted and Barney
In season eight, Ted gets a ticket to which event?Robots vs. wrestlers
The actor who portrays Robin's co-worker Sandy Rivers is married to which cast member?Alyson Hannigan
What is Robin's middle name?Charles
Which former "American Pie" star played Lily Aldrin?Alyson Hannigan
What according to Barney do women have 24 similarities with?Fish
In season eight, Barney uses what object to help Ted find a new girlfriend?The Playbook
In season seven, which character announces that she is pregnant?Lily
Barney comes up with a 5 minute dating rule called what?Lemon Law
Who does Stella leave Ted for?Tony
What is the title of the final season 4 episode?The leap
Which "How I Met Your Mother" character was played by James Van Der Beek?Simon
In season six, Ted works on a building project with which character?Barney
Which actress plays the role of the Slutty Pumpkin?Katie Holmes
How does Robin say I love you?You're an idiot
Zoey is married to which character?The Captain
Who said: "She took the decorations? That Grinch!"Ted
What was the name of Barney's fake son?Tyler
In season six, Ted dates which character who co-hosts "Come on, Get Up New York!" with Robin?Becky
What is the name of Stella's daughter?Lucy
Which of the gang is afraid of the dark?Robin
Which character said "A lie is just a great story that someone ruined with the truth."?Barney
What is Robin Scherbatsky's occupation?News reporter
What does Chloe write Barney's name as prompting the gang to refer to him as the entire episode?Swarley
Who did Barney lose his virginity to?Rhonda

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