Hunger Games (Literature)

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Hunger Games Literature Trivia QuestionAnswer
What did Finnick get in his Games that was the most expensive sponsor gift?Trident
What's Rue's weapon of choice?Slingshot
Who did Katniss describe as "a plump woman whose entire body has been dyed a pale shade of pea green?Octavia
What does Haymitch call Katniss?Sweetheart
Which area of District 12 wasn't destroyed?Victor's Village
What do the rebels begin using to trigger the dangerous pods to get through the Capitol in "Mockingjay"?Abandoned cars
Why does President Snow wear the perfumed roses?To cover the smell of blood
After Haymitch's third parachute, Katniss remarked that "One kiss equals one __?Pot of broth
Which was the first named called by Effie Trinket on reaping day?Primrose Everdeen
Which victor had all her teeth altered to sharp fangs after her Games?Enobaria
What was the principal industry of District 3?Factories
From which district did the bread come that was fish-shaped and tinted green with seaweed?District 4
What was the place in the Capitol called where Katniss got her makeover by the stylists?Remake Center
Which victors are rescued from the Capitol in "Mockingjay"?Peeta, Johanna, & Annie
What was Peeta's reply when Katniss asked him how he thought Haymitch won the Hunger Games?"He outsmarted the others"
Which threat do the victors NOT face in the "Quarter Quell"?Fire
How long do the missile attacks on District 13 from the Capitol last?3 days
Who organized the rebels in the Capitol in "Catching Fire"?Plutarch Heavensbee
When did Katniss saw down the tracker jacker hive?During the anthem
At the "feast," which tribute grabbed a green backpack and sped off?Foxface
What song did Katniss sing that made Peeta like her?The Valley Song

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