Hunger Games (Movie)

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The Hunger Games Movie Trivia QuestionAnswer
At the Tribute Parade, President Snow said to the tributes, "We salute your _______."Courage
Who does Katniss first collide with after the bloodbath?Foxface
What was covering Katniss' hands when she woke up from her tracker jacker hallucination?Tree leaves
What did Haymitch say to Katniss about Peeta when she refused to wave to the crowd at the Capitol?"He knows what he's doing."
When did Haymitch say was the time for Peeta and Katniss to show off their talents?At their personal evaluations
What was the main occupation of the people in District 12?Coal miners
What was the signal Rue came up with to warn Katniss?A mockingjay call
Who gives Seneca Crane the idea to alter the victor rules?Haymitch
What was the official tagline of the first "Hunger Games" film?The World Will Be Watching
How long did the tributes have to stand on their platforms before they were allowed to get off?60 seconds
What animal was briefly shown as Katniss walked from her house to the high voltage fenec?Dog
Who said, "If I'm going to die, I want to still be me"?Peeta
How often do the Hunger Games happen?Once a year
What was the first word spoken in the propaganda film shown to the kids before the reaping?"War"
Which tribute stole Cato's knife in the Training Room?Rue
What were the last words Katniss said to her mother when she came to say goodbye?"Don't cry."
What color was Caesar Flickerman's hair?Blue
How many notes was Rue's mockingjay call?4
Where did the 4 career tributes find Katniss after the forest fire?In the river
What does a cannon boom mark?A tribute dying
What does Katniss find inside a backpack?Rope, a coat, and a canteen
According to Effie, what can Katniss do that Careers can't?Have dessert
What was right by Katniss' ear in the tree that she climbed up to on the first night of the Games?A camera
Where is Gale when Katniss kissed Peeta in the cave?The Hob
To whom did Katniss say, "I'll still cook you"?Her cat
After the Tribute Parade, Haymitch stopped talking because which tribute was eavesdropping on them?Cato
Where in the District 12 forest did Katniss keep her arrows hidden?A hollow tree
What is the last thing Gale says to Katniss before she leaves?I'll see you soon.

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