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Insects Trivia QuestionAnswer
How many subspecies are there of the Common Lime Butterfly?6
Sometimes kept as pets, for some reason, the giant hissing cockroach is native to what island?Madagascar
Topping the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, what Latin American insect is said to have the world's most painful sting?Bullet Ant
There are how many species of Death's-head Hawkmoths in the world?3
It takes 50 of what insects, collecting nectar from 2.5 million flowers, to create a pound of honey?Bees
By what name is Musca domestica better known?Housefly
Naturally enough, what is the name of the rhinoceros beetle that can lift up to 850 times its own weight?Hercules beetle
Arnold Menke named two central American wasps Pison eu and Pison eyvae. Why is this interesting?The names are bad puns
Clocked at 36 mph, what is the fastest flying insect, eclipsing the botfly?Australian dragonfly
What black and red butterfly migrates to Canada from Mexico, using internal "compasses" to track its position relative to the sun?Monarch
What insect will fly around your porch light, confusing it with the moon by which it navigates?Moth
The Red Milkweed Beetle is what type of beetle?Longhorn Beetle
What family of beetle does the Thistle Tortoise Beetle belong to?Leaf Beetle
The phasmid insects are also known by the name of what handy item?Walking stick
The gypsy moth avoids prey by looking just like what foul-tasting "regal" butterfly?Monarch
What produces the buzzing sound made by flies and bees?Rapid wing vibration
Where do long-horned grasshoppers and crickets have their ears?On the front legs
Helicoverpa zea, a moth larva that attacks corn crops, was the original example of what kind of worm?Earworm
Which of these is a key difference between arachnids and insects?Insects have 6 legs, not 8
How many legs does an insect have?Six
What are the Chinese bird spider, the baboon spider, and the largest of them all, the Goliath bird-eater?Tarantulas
The various species of Draculoides, including Draculoides bramstokeri, are small arachnids from Australia. Why is it called that?Sucks the juice out of victims
Which of these is NOT a species of Rhinoceros Beetle?Buffalo Beetle
Ampulex compressa stings a cockroach into submission, lays its eggs inside it and turns it into a zombie. What is it?Wasp
Which is the largest species of Moth in the world?Atlas Moth
The strongest animal can carry 850 times its weight. That's like one of us tossing around a tank. What beetle is this?Rhinoceros beetle
Which insects are the focus of the 1974 science fiction film "Phase IV"?Ants
There are how many subspecies of the New Zealand Red Admiral Butterfly?2
True flies make up the order Diptera. How many species of dipterans are there?85000
Mosquitos can detect your blood type from up to 100 feet away. What blood type does they find especially delicious?O
True bugs are in the order Hemiptera, so the June bug ain't no real bug. What is it?Beetle
Sharing a phylum with leeches, what flees its burrows when they fill with rain (but are blind and can't find their way back)?Earthworm
What "white ants" can be told apart from real ants because they have thick waists?Termites
Oculotrema hippopotami is a parasitic fluke named for what part of the hippo, where it lives?Eye
Ba humbugi isn't a bug. It's a snail from Mba Island in Fiji. And it was named for what Dickens character's catchphrase?Ebenezer Scrooge
What is the most western location of the Butterfly species Marsh Fritillary?Ireland
The endangered Karner Blue Butterfly is found on the east coast of which country?United States
What beetle's Latin name Coccinellidae, means "Little scarlet colored"?Ladybug
In the film "WALL-E", the title character keeps which insect as a pet?Cockroach

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