Interior Design

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Interior Design Trivia QuestionAnswer
What style of carpeting is designed for high-traffic areas of your home?Frieze
What is a highboy?A tall dresser
An open area around a basement window is called what?Lightwell
The ornamented corners of Greek temples, now seen on many furniture styles, are called what?Acroterium
What part of a chair is the splat?The back
If a room is being designed solely for a male, what are you designing?Mancave
Who designed the original ceiling fan?Duchess Melissa Rinaldi
In a column has a sccroll on top, what is it called?Ionic
A new tea kettle that is Jasmine colored, is a shade of what color?Yellow
What is the sudden jolt of water that happens with air bubbles called?Water hammer
Cable molding resembles what?Twisted rope
What type of bed is referred to as a "single" bunk bed?Loft Bed
What is a child's bed that can go from a crib all the way to a full size bed called?Convertible
What is a bookcase bed?A bed built into a bookcase
What century did the rolltop desk appear?19th
What is the loft of a pillow?Its volume
Who was credited for inventing the Pendulum Clock?Christian Huygens
What is your abode?Your home
If you prefer to do your own home improvements as part of interior decorating, you will need one of these what?Stud finder
Which would you likely see in a floor plan?Window placement
What is marine varnish used for?Protecting items that get wet

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