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James Bond Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which is the 21st film in the 007 Eon productions series?Casino Royale
In the James Bond film "Goldfinger", Oddjob broke what after Auric Goldfinger lost to Bond at golf?Golf Ball
How many Bond's have there been for the MGM united Artists movies?5
"Never say Never Again" is a remake of what Bond movie?Thunderball
Which is Eon Productions' 12th James Bond movie?For Your Eyes Only
In the movie "You Only Live Twice", Little Nellie had all of the following equipment except?Bulletproof cockpit
How did James Bond's parents die?In a climbing accident
What director and title artist did both "Diamonds are Forever" and "The Man with the Golden Gun"?Guy Hamilton and Don Black
Who is the bad guy in "Quantum of Solace"?Dominic Green
Which set of girls can be seen with James Bond in "For Your Eyes Only"?Bibi Dahl and Melina Havelock
Which actress was rumored to eat garlic before a love scene with James Bond?Diana Rigg
Who was killed early in the James Bond movie "You Only Live Twice"?Bond
What is the first car Bond drives on screen?Sunbeam Alpine
Which one of these girls can be seen with James Bond in "Live and Let Die"?Solitaire
Diamonds Are Forever features which Bond girl characters?Bambi And Thumper
In "Moonraker", how many "Gs" can a person last before passing out in the Launch Simulator?7 Gs
In "The World is Not Enough", Renard had a bullet in what part of his body?Brain
Who was originally slated to play Max Zorin in "A View to a Kill"?David Bowie
What was the last book written by Ian Fleming before he died?The Man With the Golden Gun
What actress played the first person James Bond kissed in a feature film?Eunice Gayson
"The World is Not Enough" features which of these Bond girl characters?Electra King
Actress Michelle Yeoh played Wai Lin in which Bond movie?Tomorrow Never Dies
In which Bond novel was "A View to a Kill" the name of a chapterFor Your Eyes Only
In "A View to a Kill", who are two of the Bond girls?Pan Ho and Pola Ivanova
In which Bond film does James save Tracy di Vicenzo from committing suicide?OHMSS
What was the password in the James Bond movie "You Only Live Twice"?I love you
In James Bond's "The Man with the Golden Gun", what was unusual about the title character?A Third Nipple
In which James Bond film do we hear Jaws utter his first words?Moonraker
What is Sean Connery's date of birth?August 25th, 1930
Which Bond movie featured a remote controlled drilling device that sank a ship?Tomorrow Never Dies
Who was the unfortunate one-time James Bond who starred in "On Her Majestry's Secret Service"?George Lazenby
Who did Ian Fleming imagine James Bond to look like?Hoagy Carmichael
In which film did Robert Brown make his debut as M?Octopussy
Who is the double-crossing hotel manager in "Die Another Day"?Mr. Chang
Which vessel was not a stolen submarine in the James Bond movie "The Spy Who Loved Me"?Liparus
What type of martini does James Bond prefer?Medium dry vodka, lemon peel
In "Live and Let Die", what was James Bond's tarot card?The fool

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