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Justin Bieber Trivia QuestionAnswer
What was the third most tweeted message of all time?"Worst Birthday Ever"
How many songs were released exclusively to the iTunes store?3
What direction does his writing slant?Upwards
How many miles of cable were used during JB's "My World" tour?30
What year did Justin appear on the hit show True Jackson, VP?2009
What years did Justin receive Artist of the year awards at the American Music Awards?2010 & 2012
What kind of contests does Justin have with his crew?Water Chugging
Why did Justin delay his concert in Salt Lake City, Utah earlier this year?Visiting a girl w/ leukemia
What is Justin's favorite sandwich?Tomato, Mayo, Wonder Bread
How many Artists of the Year awards at the American Music Awards has Justin received?2
How much money has Bieber earned over the past two years?$108 million
What movie is Justin's favorite movie quote from?Step Brothers
What magazine named JB the hottest star in 2009?J-14
Who are JB's two best friends?Ryan Butler & Chaz Somers
Where did JB announce that his single "Boyfriend" would be released?Ellen DeGeneres show
Where did Justin first wear a tuxedo to an event?White House
What name does Justin most commonly go by?JB
How many Kids Choice Awards has Justin Beiber won?8
When was Justin's first full album released?2009
What was the claim the Mariah Yeater placed against JB?He fathered her baby
What makes JB's heart stop at every concert?A beautiful girl

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