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Katy Perry Trivia QuestionAnswer
Katy Perry was spotted at the London restaurant of which celebrity chef in October 2013?Gordon Ramsey
In 2012, Katy Perry won an Indie/Rock/Pop MP3 Music Award for which one of her songs?Part of Me
What is Katy Perry's mother's name?Mary
On how many occasions has Katy Perry been nominated for a People's Choice Award?18
What unusual item from Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift did Katy Perry admit to once having in her purse?A lock of their hair
On how many occasions has Katy Perry been nominated for a Teen Choice Award (as of 2013)?23
Which one of the following artists did NOT appear with Katy Perry at the "We Can Survive" concert at the Hollywood Bowl in 2013?Lauryn Hill
Katy Perry failed to win any Grammy Awards in 2011, but in how many categories was she nominated?Four
How many ARIA Music Awards has Katy Perry won (as on 2013)?None
The week of 17 September 2011 marked how many consecutive weeks in the Billboard Top 10 for Katy Perry?69
Which French artist opened the UK shows on Katy Perry's 2009 "Hello Katy" tour?Sliimy
What is Katy Perry's natural hair color?Blonde
Which of the following artists did NOT have a cameo role in Katy Perry's bio-pic "Katy Perry: Part of Me"?Beyonce
In 2009, Katy Perry featured on which US band's single?3OH!3
As of 2013, what was the last year in which Katy Perry won a Nickleodeon Kids' Choice Award?2013
What color is Katy Perry's outfit on the cover of her 2013 official calendar?Black/pink
Which singer/songwriter did Katy Perry collaborate with on several of her songs, including "Roar"?Bonnie Mckee
How many NME Awards has Katy Perry won in her career to date (2013)?None
"I was June and you were my Johnny Cash" are lyrics from which one of Katy Perry's songs?The One that Got Away
In 2011, Katy Perry won a Billboard Spin award for her single "Firework" clocking up how many "spins"?500000
Which one of the following did NOT open the show in the US during Katy Perry's Hello Katy Tour?Ladyhawke
At 3 minutes, 28 seconds, what is the shortest track on Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" album?ET
Katy Perry entered the Guinness Book of Records for the "Best Star on the US Digital Chart by a Female Artist", in which year?2010
What was the first single to be released from Katy Perry's debut studio album "Katy Hudson"?Trust in Me
How many Rock on Request awards has Katy Perry won (up to 2013)?One (2008)
What is the name of Katy Perry's 2012 autobiography?She hasn't written one
What British band was a major and lasting influence on Katy Perry?Queen

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