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Kobe Bryant Trivia QuestionAnswer
What is one of the aims of Kobe Bryant's foundation?Ending Homelessness
How much is Kobe Bryant due to earn from his Lakers contract alone during the 2013-14 season?$30 million
In 2013, how did Kobe Bryant react to rumors that he had gotten into a fight with Dwight Howard?Tweeted pretend fight photo
What year did Kobe Bryant win his first regular season MVP award?2008
Who did Kobe Bryant famously dunk on during the 2004-05 season? Hint: the player later became Bryant's teammate.Dwight Howard
Which NBA player tore his ACL while defending Kobe Bryant in 2012?Ricky Rubio
What type of food is Kobe Bryant named after?Beef
What year did Kobe Bryant win his first Olympic gold medal?2008
Kobe Bryant is famous for what unorthodox training method?Shooting jumpers at 4am
In 2010, Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel appeared in a commerical for what video game?Call of Duty: Black Ops
Who was one of the players who attempted to defend Kobe Bryant on the night he scored 81 points?Jalen Rose
How many points per game did Kobe Bryant average during the 2005-06 season?35.4
Who coached Kobe Bryant during the 2008 and 2012 Olympics and would later become the head coach of the Lakers?Mike D'Antoni
What did Kobe Bryant wear during a number of games in 2012?Mask
In 2005 who broke Kobe Bryant's record of being the youngest player to ever appear in an NBA game?Andrew Bynum
Aside from the Lakers, what other NBA team has Kobe Bryant played for?Always played for the Lakers
What NBA legend is Kobe Bryant most often compared to?Michael Jordan
What year did Kobe Bryant sign his most recent contract extension with the Lakers?2010
Which of the following competitions did Kobe Bryant appear in?2007 FIBA Americas
What company first signed Kobe Bryant to a shoe endorsement deal?Adidas
How old was Kobe Bryant when he won his first regular season MVP award?29
Where has Kobe Bryant lived for the majority of his life?Los Angeles
What star sign is Kobe Bryant?Leo
How many points did Kobe Bryant score at Madison Square Garden in 2009?61
How many times has Kobe Bryant averaged over 30 points per game while playing in the NBA?Three
How many times has Kobe Bryant averaged over 3 steals per game while playing in the NBA?Never
What did Kobe Bryant do after tearing his Achilles tendon?Made two free throws
What team was Kobe Bryant reportedly close to signing with in 2004?Los Angeles Clippers

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