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LA Lakers Trivia QuestionAnswer
Of who was Mychal Thompson talking about when he said, "He's a quick learner, but he forgets quick too"?Vlade Divac
What team did Jordan Farmar sign with after leaving the Lakers in 2010?New Jersey Nets
When was the last time the Lakers didn't make the playoffs?2005
Who said what he learned playing along side Kareem Jabbar in his rookie years was to "give him the ball"?Magic Johnson
Who replaced Mike Brown and served as the interim head coach of the Lakers in 2012?Bernie Bickerstaff
What team did Lamar Odom play for before being traded to the Lakers in 2004?Miami Heat
What number does Pau Gasol wear when playing for the Lakers?16
How many playoff series wins did the Lakers have while Dwight Howard was playing for them?Zero
Who started for the Lakers at small forward during the 2008 NBA Finals?Vladmir Radmanovic
During his first stint in Los Angeles, what two numbers did Jordan Farmar wear for the Lakers?1 and 5
Who has the second most personal fouls in Laker History?Kobe Bryant
What was the year of the Lakers first championship in Los Angeles?1971-1972
What former Laker forward is eighth all time in Laker history in offensive rebounds?Elden Campbell
Who said when asked if there was anything he couldn't do in the NBA after 15 years, "I can't run my fingers through my hair"?Kareem Jabbar
What year did Phil Jackson first leave the Lakers?2004
How old was Dr. Jerry Buss when he passed away in 2013?80
According to as estimate by Forbes in 2013, how much are the Lakers worth as a franchise?$ 1 billion
What celebrity is married to Lamar Odom?Khole Kardashian
What is the Lakers' official twitter handle?@Lakers
What are the Laker cheerleaders known as?The Laker Girls
Who has hit the most free throws in Laker history?Kobe Bryant
What recent Laker has led the league in assists four times?Steve Nash
What number did Earl Clark wear with the Lakers?6

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