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Landmarks Trivia QuestionAnswer
What is the historic fortified complex at the heart of Moscow, Russia?Kremlin
Where on Route 66 is this restored gasoline station and museum?Texas
Who was murdered at this building in December 1980?John Lennon
What village in Liechtenstein is home to Gutenberg Castle, built in the 13th century?Balzers
What type of bridge connects the north side with the south side of Belize City and spans over the Belize River?Swing Bridge
Where does this 17m (55ft) statue of the Jolly Green Giant stand?Blue Earth, Minnesota
Where is the reconstruction of the 1831 London Bridge that spanned the River Thames in London, England?Lake Havasu City, Arizona
De Oude Molen is a Dutch landmark located in Organjestad, Aruba. What is it?Windmill
On what border is this located?Arizona, Utah
Queen Victoria was the first monarch to reside at what royal palace in the United Kingdom?Buckingham Palace
Which capital city on the European mainland is also home to the shopping complex called Kamppi Center?Helsinki, Finland
This is Sankore, one of three madrassas making up the University of Timbuktu. In what country is it?Mali
If I want to see a dance, drama, or music production at the Juilliard School, where do I need to go?New York, NY
Immigrant to the United sTates form 1892 until 1954 stopped at what immigrant inspection station?Ellis Island
Although commonly known by another name, what ist he correct name of this mosque in Istanbul?Sultan Ahmed Mosque
The scuba diving destination of San Pedro Town, a busy, boisterous village lies in what area of Belize?Ambergris Caye
La Fortaleza, which means "The Fortress" was completed in Puerto Rico. In what year?1533
Where is this stone-built Neolithic settlement?Orkney, Scotland
In 2013, what was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world?Singapore Flyer

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