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LeBron James Trivia QuestionAnswer
What player taken first in the draft four years after LeBron is currently LeBron's teammate on the heat?Greg Oden
As of 2013, what is the most points LeBron has scored in a game?56
What year did LeBron win his first Eastern Conference Championship?2007
When is LeBon's birthday?41638
As of 2013, how many career playoffs points has LeBron James sored, 9th most ever in the NBA?3.871
How did LeBron and the Cavs first visit to the NBA Finals versus the Spurs end?Spurs 4-0
How many siblings does LeBron have?0
Who is the only other player besides LeBton to ever record 40 points, 15+ assists and 5 rebounds in a game?Oscar Robertson
Which rapper befriended LeBron while he was still playing in high school?Jay-Z
What year did LeBron win the USA Basketball Player of the Year award?2012
In the 2006 NBA All-Star Weekend Skills Competition, LeBron finished second, who won?Dwayne Wade
What season did LeBron average a career-high 30 points?2007-2008
What grade did LeBron first dunk in a game?8th
Which player was also considered along with LeBron to be the top pick in the 2003 draft?Carmelo Anthony
In LeBron's first NBA All-Star Game, two players from the East received more votes then he did. One was Shaq. Who was the other?Vince Carter
What is the name of LeBron's first child?LeBron Jr.
What player who played for the Spurs in the 2013 NBA finals was a teammate of LeBron in his last year with the Cavs?Danny Green
How many Olympic gold medals has LeBron won?2
Who did LeBron take his last name from?His mother
What number did LeBron wear with the Cleveland Cavs?23
From 2009-2013, LeBron won the MVP award four times. Who was the only other player to win it during this period?Derrick Rose
Which major ESPY award did LeBron win in 2013?Male Athlete of the Year
As of december 2013, how many times has LeBron recorded back-to-back 40 point games in the NBA?3
Which year was the first time LeBron played in the postseason?2005-06
What year did LeBron to break an NBA record for youngest player to score 40 points?2004
What is LeBron already the Heat's all-time leader of?Triple-doubles
Which player was drafted second after LeBron?Darko Milicic
What nickname did Sports Illustrated give LeBron as a teenager?The Chosen One
How old was LeBron when he started playing basketball?9
In 2010, Forbes ranked LeBron behind which person as the most influential athlete?Lance Armstrong
Which high school rival was drafted two spots after LeBron in 2003?Carmelo Anthony
What city was LeBron born in?Akron
What is LeBron's favorite video game franchise?Madden
LeBron was the first African-American male to be on the cover of which magazine?Vogue
LeBron was the second ever #1 draft pick out of high school; who was the first?Kwame Brown

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