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Literature Character Trivia QuestionAnswer
Name the blind child who is also the protagonist of the Dean Koontz novel "From the Corner of His Eye".Bartholomew Lampion
Match the Laurie Halse Anderson novel to its appropriate protagonist: "Catalyst".Kate Malone
Humbert Humbert is the pedophile protagonist of what 1955 literary classic?Lolita
Who is the primary character in Scott B. Williams' novel "The Darkness After"?Mitch Henley
In Carrie Ryan's novel "The Forest of Hands and Teeth", Who is the primary character?Mary
Who is the primary character in Jonathan Maberry's novel "Rot & Ruin"?Benny
Match the Salman Rushdie novel to it's appropriate narrator: "Midnight's Children".Saleem Sinai
Who is the female protagonist of Jojo Moyes's novel "Me Before You"?Louisa Clark
Who is the protagonist of Leila Sales's novel "This Song Will Save Your Life"?Elise
Name the widowed heroine of Keith Donohue's novel "Angels of Destruction".Margaret Quinn
Who is the protagonist of John Corey Whaley's novel "Where Things Come Back"?Cullen Witter
Name the protagonist of Charlaine Harris's "Southern Vampire Mysteries" series.Sookie Stackhouse
Match the Laurie Halse Anderson novel to its appropriate protagonist: "Twisted".Tyler Miller
What is the name of the character who dies at the beginning of J.K. Rowling's "The Casual Vacancy"?Barry Fairbrother
Who is the scheming primary character of Jaimy Gordon's novel "Lord of Misrule"?Tommy Hansel
Name the male protagonist of M.L. Stedman's bestseller "The Light Between Oceans".Tom Sherbourne
Name the protagonist in Jean M. Auel's novel "The Clan of the Cave Bear".Ayla
What is the name of the character who writes letters to his favorite author in the epistolary novel "Dear Mr. Henshaw"?Leigh Botts
Ezekiel Farragut is the university professor and protagonist of what John Cheever novel?Falconer
In what Fyodor Dostoyevsky novel is Rodion Raskolinikov the protagonist?Crime and Punishment
In Demitria Lunetta's novel "In the After", what is the name of the protagonist?Amy Harris
Name the aging rockstar at the heart of Joe Hill's novel "Heart-Shaped Box".Judas Coyne
What is the name of the last vampire in Christopher Pike's "Thirst" series?Alisa
In the Gretchen McNeil novel "3:59", Who is the heroine of the story?Josie Byrne
Who is the primary character in Robert Charles Wilson's novel "Spin"?Tyler Dupree
What is the name of the young protagonist in Elizabeth Scott's frequently-challenged young adult novel "Living Dead Girl"?Alice
What is the first name of the titular character of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"?Victor
Name the protagonist in Beverly Brenna's novel "The White Bicycle".Taylor Jane
In Vanessa Diffenbaugh's novel "The Language of Flowers", Who is the troubled protagonist?Victoria Jones
Match the Anne Tyler novel to the appropriate protagonist: "Noah's Compass".Liam Pennywell
Name the protagonist of Jeffrey Eugenides's bestselling novel "Middlesex".Calliope
Which of these is NOT a character in John Updike's novel "The Withces of Eastwick"?Mamie
Who finds himself floating through the Baker's kitchen in Maurice Sendak's "In the Night Kitchen"?Mickey
Who is the heroine of Moira Young's novel "Blood Red Road"?Saba
Who is the human host of the protagonist in Stephenie Meyer's novel "The Host"?Melanie Stryder
Who is the protagonist of Sam McBratney's children's classic "Guess How Much I Love You"?Little Nutbrown Hare

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