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Literature General Trivia QuestionAnswer
What is the foxy alter ego of Don Diego de la VegaZorro
Who wrote "Billy Bathgate"?E.L. Doctorow
What book did Bram Stoker consider calling "The Dead Un-Dead"?Dracula
Barbara Kingsolver's "The Poisonwood Bible" is set in what country?Congo
Who wrote "The Last Picture Show," "Terms of Endearment" and the Lonesome Dove series?Larry McMurtry
In Jean Auel's book, what Cro-Magnon invents fire, sort of, despite having been raised by Neanderthals?Ayla
Frankenstein was likely white, since he was German. But according to Mary Shelley, what color was his monster?Yellow
Which organisation's magazine is known as the War Cry?Salvation Army
Who wrote such novels as "Zabibah and the King" and "The Impregnable Fortress"?Saddam Hussein
What 15-square-mile alpine grand ducky attacks the United States in "The Mouse that Roared"?Fenwick
After Seth Grahame-Smith's "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies", Ben Jane added what monsters to "Sense and Sensibility"?Sea Monsters
What book about intellectuals who stage a "mind strike" also answers to the question, "Who is John Galt"?Atlas Shrugged
Whose second husband was archaeologist Max Mallowan, who helped inspire her "Death on the Nile"?Agatha Christie
What was the title of the first Harry Potter book?The Philosopher's Stone
What was the name of the first Bond girl, who appeared in "Casino Royale"?Vaesper Lynd
Eileen Mary Challans used what "automotive" pen name for her novels set in ancient Greece?Mary Renault
"Another City, Not My Own" is Dominick Dunne's fictional behind-the-scenes look at what?The OJ Simpson trial

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