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London Geography Trivia QuestionAnswer
In what year was Brompton Road Tube Station closed?1934
What is the second most expensive street on London Monopoly?Park Lane
In what year wsa the Rugby Football Union formed in London?1871
Stamford Bridges, home of Chelsea Football Club, is located in which London borough?Hammersmith & Fulham
What football club is the oldest in London?Fulham
Which of these landmarks is not in London?Canterbury Cathedral
Where is the famous Lanesborough Hotel located in London?Knightsbridge
Where in London does Bob Marley have a street named after him?Lambeth
10 Downing St became the home to the Prime Minister in which year?1735
Doughty Street is the location for which British literary giant's museum?Charles Dickens
The Thames Barrier was built in which year?1982
According to the 2011 census the second largest group of people by birth in London were from where?India
In what year was the Strand Tube Station closed?1994
In what ear was London's post boxes first introduced?1853
Which of these is NOT a tube station in LondonTooting Central
Which of these is the busiest train station in London?Clapham Junction
Arsenal's Emirates Stadium is in which London borough?Islington
HMV on Oxford St was opened to the public in which year?1901
Which famous London hotel is situated on the south side of Piccadilly?The Ritz
Which of these is NOT a tube station in LondonKingsway
Wembley Stadium is in which postcode area, which is not a London postcode?Harrow

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