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Mad Men Trivia QuestionAnswer
What is the name of Sal's wife?Kitty
Who is a World War II Navy veteran, who has had multiple heart attacks?Roger Sterling
What is theme song to the "Mad Men" TV series?A Beautiful Mine
In the season one episode "5G" who gets a short story published in The Atlantic Monthly?Ken Cosgrove
In the season one episode "Babylon" who is Paul talking about when he says: "what's wrong with mouse-ears over there?"Peggy
Wha is the name of the rival Advertising agency of which Jim Hobart is the head of?McCann
In the season one premiere what insect does Don notice trapped inside a light fitting?A fly
What cosmetics company sells a line of "Mad Men" products?Estee Lauder
Which of Don's secretary's dies at her desk?Ida
What is the name of the junior creative staff member in the season 4 episode "Public relations"?Joey
In the season one episode "Indian Summer" who takes the box sent by Adam and delivered to Don's office?Pete
Who came up with the winning pitch for the Heinz baked beans account?Megan
What was the tagline used in the ad campaign presented by Fred Rumsen for Belle Jolie in the episode "The Hobo Code"?Mark Your Man
Which advertising campaign helps to launch Peggy's career as a copywriter?Belle Jolie
Which American activist's death is announce during the season 6 episode "The Flood"?Martin Luther King
What is Duck Phillip's first name?Herman
Who stole Don Draper's identity?Dick Whitman
In the season 5 episode "Commissions and Fees" who commits suicide?Lane
What is the name of Sally's teacher with whom Don has a fling with?Suzanne Farrell
Roger Sterling had a relationship with the heiress to Cladecott Farms dog food company, what was her name?Annabelle
Who was married to Betty and has three children?Don Draper
What is the name of Ginsberg's father?Morris
What is the name of widowed wife of Lieutenant Don Draper?Anna
What is the name of the Fur coat shop at which Don Draper was employed as a salesman?Heller's
Who does Betty slap in the face at the grocery store in the season one episode "Red in the Face"?Helen
What is the name of the restaurant manager whom Kate flirts with in the season 6 episode "To Have and to Hold"?Leo
Which legend does Pete Campbell compare Kennedy to in the season one episode "Red in the Face"?Elvis
Who did Megan go with for a night at the Whisky a Go Go in the episode "Tomorrowland"?Her college roommate
In the season one episode "Red in the Face" what is the name of the young store clerk who helps Pete return the wedding gift?Rosemary
Who becomes head copywriter at Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough?Peggy Olson
Who says in season 4, "Don't you dare lie to me, I'll cut your fingers off!"?Betty Draper
Who accompanies Don to Baltimore in the season 3 episode "Out of Town"?Sal
In which season one episode does Pete Campbell visit his parents to ask for help in purchasing a city apartment?New Amsterdam

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