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Mammals Trivia QuestionAnswer
Generally, felines have 30 of these, even though some are referred to as "canines". What are they?Teeth
Bengal tigers are protected in Corbett National Park, which is the oldest national park in what country?India
Panthera tigris altaica is also known as the Amur tiger, but it is better known by what name?Siberian tiger
It's no coincidence, but what part of whale is known as its "fluke"?Tail
Along with the lion and the leopard, all but which of these are classic "Big 5" safari animals?Giraffe
What heavily inbred animal barely escaped extinction about 10,000 years ago and is endangered again today in Africa and Iran?Cheetah
A flying fox isn't really a fox. What kind of animal is it?Bat
When a male horse breeds with a female donkey, you get the reverse of a mule. What do you get?Hinny
The "unau" is the two-toed version and the "ai" is the three-toed version of what mammal?Sloth
What giraffe relative has a tongue long enough to clean its own ears?Okapi
Found in the Himalayas, what leopard is also the national symbol of the Tatars and Kazakhs?Snow Leopard
The grizzly and kodiak bears are actually subspecies of what bear, along with the extinct Hokkaido and California golden bears?Brown bear
Whom did Lous Leakey encourage to go to the Virunga Mountains to study what she would call "gorillas in the mist"?Dian Fossey
The Honshu species has been extinct since 1905 and the Hokkaido species has been gone since 1889. Of what?Wolf
Georges Cuvier described pachyderms as an order of mammals. Which of these animals did NOT belong?Crocodile
Meles meles is the Eurasian species of what animal, which used to be baited in cruel sport?Badger
"Procyon Lotor" gets its English name from the Algonquin for "he scratches with his hands." What nocturnal animal is this?Raccoon
The biggest pinniped is what three-ton animal, named for its proboscis?Elephant seal
It purrs and meows and it’s a closer cousin to the jaguarundi and the house cat than it is to the ferocious big cats. What is it?Cougar
The snow leopard is also known by the name of what unit of measure?Ounce
The name of what fabric is also the name of the soft vascular skin that nourishes the developing antlers of deer?Velvet
About two and half feet high, what Argentine breed is the smallest horse in the world?Falabella
Which of the following isn't a rodent, but is actually a rather fashionable semi-aquatic weasel?Mink
Spaniel probably means "Spanish dog," but what spaniel was named for its ability to find woodcocks?Cocker spaniel
Which of these isn't a common name for Felis concolor, but is actually a variety of lynx?Bobcat
A brown bear sub-species identifiable by his hump, what animal is classified scientifically as Ursus Arctos horribilis?Grizzly bear
What do "true seals" lack, but which fur seals and sea lions do have?External ears
Androstenol is found in truffles, and that may be why pigs can find them deep underground. You have androstenol, too. What is it?A sex hormone
The terrier is named in French for its ability to do something. What?Dig into the earth
According to the American Kennel Club, some dogs are quite "sporting." Which of these is not?German Shepherd
The first cloned puppy was Snuppy, the Seoul National University puppy. What breed was he?Afghan
Weighing up to one thousand pounds, what Pleistocene animal can still be found in Greenland, Scandinavia, Canada, and Russia?Muskox
There are only two insectivore (ie, insectivora) mammals in North America. One is the shrew, what is the other?Mole
What lagomorph can rotate each of its ears nearly 270 degrees so that it can pinpoint sounds?Rabbit
As they may know at Southern Illinois, what royl dog breed was often mummified with pharaohs?Saluki
What aquatic weasel congregates in groups called romps and lives in holts?Otter
Extinct since 1936, the Tasmanian tiger wolf was neight a tiger nor a wolf, what was it?Marsupial
In 2003, the US Navy Marine Mammal Program "drafted" two dolphins for what unusual purpose in the southern Iraqi port of Umm Qasr?Looking for mines
What mammal can go eight days without water, but can drink up to 180 liters at a time?Camel
Linked to mermaid myth, what sacred animal of the Taino has a name that means "breast"?Manatee
What would you mostly find inside a camel's hump?Fat
What South American rodent is synonymous with experimentation because it cannot synthesize Vitamin C but must get it from diet?Guinea pig
What animal has the biggest ears, even though they have more to do with keeping it cool than hearing better?Elephants
The world's 1500 giant pandas are found in the western area of what country, where their name is "xiong mao," meaning "bear cat"?China
On account of an eerie sound it makes, what is another common name for the spotted hyena?Laughing hyena
Found in Malaysia, the pen-tailed tree-shrew is the only wild mammal to share what bad habit with humans?Chronic boozing
Also known as the painted leopard, what animal is more commonly known by its name in the Aztec language?Ocelot
Held at Madison Square Garden each year, what is America's most prestigious dog show?Westminster Kennel Club
A bronco is a small mustang, which is a wild variety of what animal?Horse
Found in Latin America, the yapok is the only aquatic marsupial. By what other name is it known?Water Opossum

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