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Marine Life Trivia QuestionAnswer
Dogfish are small sharks so, naturally, what are baby sharks called?Pups
What fish appears in ancient temple carvings in Cambodia and has been named the national fish?Giant barb
In which of these is the giant freshwater stingray native?New Guinea
The Chinook Salmon is the state fish of Alaska, where it is known as what?King Salmon
What distance can a flying fish cover in flight?600 feet (182 metres)
While 50 to 70 million sharks are killed by people every year, roughly how many people are killed every year by sharks?A couple dozen
Had we not started breeding them selectively, goldfish would have stayed the color they are in the wild. What color is this?Olive green
What is the average life span of an electric eel in the wild?15 years
At what voltage can an electric eel produce a electric shock?Between 300 & 650 volts
Which of these terms best describe a lobster?Omnivore
If you're a sniggler, what do you like fishing for?Eels
Marlin are known for the rounded what extending from the snout?Spear
In the 1950s, the British added what sport fish to Lake Victoria, where it ate so many other fish the lake was choked with algae?Nile Perch
Though to be the heaviest squid species in the world, the Colossal Squid can be found throughout which ocean?Southern Ocean
According to Canada's Ben Wilson, what fish communicates by farting?Herring
Unlike most fish, sharks don't have swim bladders, so to stay buoyant, what oil-filled organs represent a quarter of their weight?Liver
What size is Octopus arborescens, the smallest species of octopus?2 inches (5 cm)
Where is Flying Fish Cove?Christmas Island
What is the only freshwater lake containing oceanic animal life, including sharks, and swordfish?Lake Nicaragua
Which is the biggest living fish in the world?Whale Shark
In which sea does the Spotted Cleaner Shrimp live?Caribbean Sea
What is this?Pike
Zhiyuan Gong created the glofish when he spliced genes from a jellyfish and a sea coral into what minnow?Zebrafish
What are these?Salmon
What is unusual about the catfish Synodonits batensoda?Swims upside down
The transparent "Telescope Octopus" can be found in the tropical regions of the Pacific Ocean and which other ocean?Indian Ocean
Which type of fish comes in brook, brown, lake, and rainbow vareities?Trout

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