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Martin Scorsese Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who played Chuck Aule in "Shutter Island"?Mark Ruffalo
Who was the film editor for "Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore"?Marcia Lucas
Who played Senator Ralph Owen Brewster in "The Aviator"?Alan Alda
Which Martin Scorsese movie later spawned a TV series which ran for nine seasons?Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Which movie has this line: "We don't want a bunch of pencil-pushers gettin' in the way of us makin' our plane now do we?"The Aviator
Which Martin Scorsese movie has the main character Henry Hill?Goodfellas
Martin Scorsese was an executive producer of which Luc Besson movie?The Family
Which year did "Gangs of New York" premiere in cinemas?2002
Which movie has this line: "Back home, they would have put me an jail for what I'm doing. Here, they're giving me awards."Casino
Who was the film editor for "The King of Comedy"?Thelma Schoonmaker
Which year did "The King of Comedy" premiere in cinemas?1982
Who did the cinematography for "The Color of Money"Michael Ballhaus
Who played Paul Hackett In "After Hours"?Griffin Dunne
Which movie has this tagline: "Some men dream the future. He built it."The Aviator
Who was the film editor for "Cape Fear"?Thelma Schoonmaker
Who played the Palm Club Owner in "New York, New York"?Dick Miller
Which movie has this line: "Happy endings only happen in the movies"Hugo
Which year did "Mean Streets" premiere in cinemas?1973
Who played Ellerby in "The Departed"?Alec Baldwin
For which Martin Scorsese movie did Robert De Niro learn to play the saxophone?New York, New York
Who played Iris in "Taxi Driver"?Jodie Foster

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