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Meteorology Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which "father of meteorology" developed a system for naming clouds?Luke Howard
What phrase can refer to June in Jaipur, or to a warm spell in late autumn in North America?Indian summer
The average sea-level air pressure plant-wide is 1013 millibars, or how many pounds per square inch?14.7 pounds
What is the part of a thunderstorm where a tornado can form?Mesocyclone
On June 21, where is the Sun directly overhead?Tropic of Cancer
Which of the following is NOT a date of a significant United tornado outbreak?23/04/82
What ocean current is the reason Great Britain is so mild for how far north it is?Gulf Stream
This is the name of the 24 hour clock used by Meteorologists:Zulu Time
In 1911, where did 40 chunks of a meteorite land at Nakhla, where they apparently vaporized a dog?Egypt
Which of these colors in commonly seen in a rainbow?Red
Approximately how high can weather balloons make it before they burst?115,000 Feet/ 3505 meters
What is the scale for rating tornadoes?Enhanced Fujita
In 1997, where did 38 nations sign a treaty to reduce emissions of six greenhouse gases?Kyoto
What type of heat transfer is done through fluid (the atmosphere)?Convection
Along the coast of what part of the United States would a waterspout be most likely to be seen?Southeast
On most weather maps, are warm fronts indicated with triangles, or with half circles?Half circles
Tornado warnings from the United States National Weather Service come in what shape?Polygon
Which is NOT typically a paying meteorology career?storm spotter
What kind of tide do you get when the Moon and Sun are 90 degrees apart in the sky, thereby cancelling each other out?Neap tide
This country's warmest temperature on record was 79 Fahrenheit/26 Celsius in the town of Maniitsoq:Greenland
In 2012, Americans became familiar with a weather phenomenon called a derecho. What is this?A serious thunderstorm
Let's say we are on a mountaintop where the winds are often strong and from the west. What would the trees look like?Branches on East Side of Tree
Which is NOT used for cloud seeding, or generating precipitation where none was present?Fluoride carbonate
The Coriolis Force would have an impact on what type of weather?Low Pressure
What shape in weather radar reflectivity may correspond to a tornado-producing thunderstorm?Hook
What clouds have flattened tops made of ice crystals, so they look anvil shaped?Cumulonimbus
What popular broadcast meteorologist in Birmingham, Alabama, says "Respect the polygon."James Spann
What mixes in an estuary?Freshwater and seawater

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