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Miami Heat Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who has been the only person who has coached the Heat on two different occasions?Pat Riley
Who is the all-time leader in Heat history with 5,127 career rebounds?Udonis Haslem
What Heat player told the Heat record for most games played in a Heat uniform?Dwayne Wade
Who led the Heat in rebounding average in 2012-13 NBA Playoffs?LeBron James
What Heat big man is second in team history in free throws made?Alonzo Mourning
Who played the most minutes for the Heat in a regular season ever?Anthony Mason
What Heat player is 4th in team history in minutes played in the regular season?Glen Rice
What current player has the second most blocked shots in Heat history?Dwayne Wade
What year was Jarvis Varnado drafted in the 2nd round by the Heat?2010
Which Heat player scored 41 points to help close out the Pacers in the second round of the 2012 NBA Playoffs?Dwayne Wade
How many years under Erik Spoelstra have the Heat made the NBA finals?3
What Heat player was on the NBA All Defensive Team in 1998-99?Alonzo Mourning
How many consecutive playoff series did the Heat lose to the Knicks before eliminating their rivals in 2012?3
How many consecutive years did Shaquille O'Neal average at least twenty points and ten rebounds?13
What Heat player was a two time winner of the NBA dunk contest?Harold Miner
Who is fourth in Heat history in playoff rebounds?Alonzo Mourning
Which team has made the most trades with the Heat?Cleveland Cavaliers
Who led the NBA in scoring in 1999-2000?Shaquille O'Neal
Which Heat player holds the franchise record for most consecutive games played?Glen Rice
What Heat player was on the NBA second team in their 2005-06 Championship season?Dwayne Wade
Who had a field goal percentage of .807 for the Heat in the 2012-13 playoffs?Chris Andersen
What NBA veteran won his first championship with the 2012-13 Heat?Rashard Lewis
How many point did Tim Hardaway score as a Heat in the 1997 All-Star game?10
Which player made 806 3-pointers playing for the Heat, a franchise record?Tim Hardaway
2007 Heat draft pick Daequan Cook was trade to which team in the 2010 offseason?Oklahoma City Thunder
What current Heat is 9th in team history in steals?Udonis Haslem
What Heat player was on the 1998-99 All NBA team?Alonzo Mourning
Heat center Shaquille O'Neal placed second in the MVP voting in 2005 behind which player?Steve Nash


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