Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson Trivia QuestionAnswer
From which "silent" star did Michael Jackson get the idea for his famous moonwalk dance move?Marcel Marceau
The 1988 Michael Jackson single "Smooth Criminal" was from which best-selling album?Bad
Who produced Michael Jackson's all-time biggest selling alubm "Thriller"?Quincy Jones
Which Michael Jackson song says: "We were so young and innocent then"?Remember The Time
Which movie from 2000 included the song "BiIlie Jean"?Charlie's Angels
Michael Jackson wrote the song, "Centipecie" for which of his sisters to sing?Rebbie
"I Just Can't Stop Loving You" is included in which of Michael Jackson's albums?Bad
Hovv many American no.1 singles did Michael Jackson have in the 198Os?8
What decade is the hit single "Black Or White" by Michael Jackson from?Nineties
Which Michael Jackson song starts with the lyrics: "All along I had to talk about it, but like a two-edged sword"?Behind the Mask
Which singer released his own version of "The Girl is Mine" in 2008, renaming it ”The Girl is Mine 2008"?will.i.am
How old was Michael Jackson when he died?50 Years Old
Michael Jackson Won a Grammy for the Best Music Video in 1990 for which song?Leave Me Alone
How long did testimony in the Michael Jackson case last in 2005?Nearly 14 Weeks
Which song did Michael Jackson NOT write or help write?Man In The Mirror
Which rapper featured on the Michael Jackson album track "Unbreakable", from his album "Invincible”?The Notorious B.I.G.
What decade is the hit single "She’s Out Of My Life" by Michael Jackson from?Eighties
What year did Michael Jackson have the hit single "You Are Not Alone" on Epic?1995
"Who Is It" is included in which of Michael Jackson's albums?Dangerous
"Even though the pain and heartache" is sung in which song?Never Can Say Goodbye
Michael Jackson had which of these hit singles in 1992?Black Or White
"One Day in Your Life" can be found on which Michael Jackson album?Forever, Michael
Which movie from 2002 included the song "I Want You Back"?Drumline
On what show during the 198O's did Michael Jackson premiere his "Moonwalk".Motown's 25th Anniversary
Who was Michael Jackson's first choice to play the Wesley Snipe character in his "Bad" video?Prince
What album of Michael Jackson's contains the song "Billie Jean"?Thriller
The Michael Jackson live album released in 2012 was recorded at a concert at which venue in 1988?Wembley

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