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Miley Cyrus Trivia QuestionAnswer
When was Miley Cyrus' second tattoo that says Love on the inside of her right ear spotted by the press?May, 2010
Miley Cyrus has a condition called tachycardia that effects what part of her body?Heart
In the first week of Miley Cyrus’ album ”Can’t Be Tamed” being released how many copies sold in the United States?106000
During the 2008 Teen Choice awards Miley Cyrus won which award?Choice TV Actress: Comedy
Miley Cyrus signed a 4 album deal with what Disney owned record company?Hollywood Records
In the spring of 2013 Miley Cyrus released a new single with who?Snoop Lion
What is Miley Cyrus star sign?Sagittarius
When Miley was small her dad would pay her how much to go on stage to pick up all the bras and underwear after he performed?10
What is Miley Cyrus favorite candy?Dots
Hovv many episodes of "Two and a Half Men" did Miley Cyrus appear in?Two
Who has been Miley Cyrus' stylist since she vvas 16?Simone Harouche
How long was Miley's relationship with Liam?4 years
What is the running time for "Hannah Montana: The Movie"?102 minutes
Miley Cyrus' Best Of Both Worlds Tour had tickets that sold out in?Minutes
What is Miley Cyrus astrological sign?Sagittarius
What was the original name of Miley Cyrus’ character in "Hannah Montana"?Chloe
Dressed up as HM Miley Cyrus opened up for the Cheetah Girls on 20 dates of their The Party's Just Begun Tour in what year?2006
How many tiny tattoos does Miley Cyrus have on the fingers of her right hand?7
Miley Cyrus' single "Start All Over" is a follow up to what single?See You Again
Miley Cyrus sang what song with her dad on "Hannah Montana: The Movie" in 2009?Butterfly Fly Away
What is one of Miley Cyrus' favorite foods?Chinese

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