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Money Trivia QuestionAnswer
Prior to decimalisation of the British pound, how many shilings was a florin?2
What do these letters on US coins tell you? C CC D O P S or WWhere the coin was minted
What is the official currency of the Republic of China called?Renminbi
What was the currency of South Africa until it changed to the rand in 1961?South African pound
Which institution makes currency coins in the United Kingdom?Royal Mint
The symbol for the Indian rupee was adopted in 2010 – it is derived from the Latin "R" and a letter from which script?Devanagari
Where is the United States Bullion Depository located?Fort Knox
Luc Lucyx was the designer for which of these?Euro coins
What is Lebanon's official currency?Lebanese Pound
Which of these places issues their own version of the pound sterling?Gibraltar
From which city, known for its banking history, does the name forint get its name?Florence
Which currency replaced the franc as Algeria's currency?Dinar
The Continental was a currency created by which modern-day country during its founding war of independence?USA
For a few (US) dollars on eBay, you can get one of what country's 100 trillion dollar notes?Zimbabwe
Which country's currency is called the "Taka"?Bangladesh
Which of these is a sub-division of the pound sterling?Penny
Long obsolete, what is a "groat" in the world of money?A type of coin
Who has typically appeared on the rarely seen US $2 bill?Thomas Jefferson
Which country's currency is called "cedi"?Ghana
As of 2012, the world's smallest currency is what country's dong, about 20,000 of which get you $1 US?Vietnam
Higher quality notes printed using Swiss technology were dubbed "Swiss dinars" in which country?Iraq
Often minted with African gold, the first ducats were issued in 1284 by whom?Venice


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