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Musicals Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which Andrew Lloyd Webber musical is based on a book of poems by T.S. Eliot?Cats
Cole Porter's "Red, Hot and Blue" featured what popular song?It's De-Lovely
Who wrote the play "Mamma Mia!" upon which a hit West End musical was based?Catherine Johnson
Lucy Simon and Marsha Norman wrote a 1991 musical based on what beloved children's novel?The Secret Garden
Which 2005 musical by Elton John and Lee Hall was based on a popular movie?Billy Elliot
What comic strip gave us a Broadway show that featured such songs as "It's a Hard-Knock Life" and "Tomorrow"?Little Orphan Annie
With which stage and screen musical do you associate the song "Secret Love"?Calamity Jane
Which James Bond actor was in the chorus in "South Pacific" in London?Sean Connery
Which of these musicals is based on an unfinished novel by Charles Dickens?The Mystery of Edwin Drood
What Mark Twain novel is the basis for the musical "Big River"?Huckleberry Finn
What actor played the title role in the 2007 movie version of "Sweeney Todd"?Johnny Depp
Which musical duo wrote "The Pirates of Penzance"?Gilbert and Sullivan
"Don't Cry for me Argentina" and "Oh what a Circus" are songs from which film musical?Evita
"Matilda the Musical" is based on a novel by whom?Roald Dahl
Who wrote the musical "Big Deal"?Bob Fosse
The 2002 hit musical "Mamma Mia!" featured the music of which pop supergroup?ABBA
Which movie musical includes the characters Sky Masterton and Nathan Detroit?Guys and Dolls
What 1992 Tony Award-winning musical was created from songs taken from earlier Gershwin musicals?Crazy for you
What was the surname of the children Rupert, Agathe, Maria, Verner and Hedwig from a famous musical film?Von Trapp
Which Andrew Lloyd Webber musical flopped in 2006 and closed simultaneously in the West End and on Broadway?The Woman in White
Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly were characters in which hit musical?Chicago
What musical is loosely based on the memoirs of a real-life stripped?Gypsy
Which rock opera was briefly the longest-running musical in history?Jesus Christ Superstar

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