Myths and Folklore

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Myths and Folklore Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who might fret over an icy, hard-to-see, monster called a wendigo?An Algonquin Indian
The Loveland frog was a bipedal lizard-like monster that supposedly haunted Loveland in what Great Lakes State?Ohio
What Norse fertility goddess sometimes rode a chariot driven by two giant cats?Freya
Who was the Ancient Greek goddess of the Dawn?Eos
Sobek's Egyptian cult was so prominent in Arsinoe that the Greeks gave it what nickname?Crocodilopolis
Babylonians claimed that hte Sumerian gods An and Enlil had bequeathed their power to what Babylonian god?Marduk
Who was the first Roman emperor to be deified after his death?Augustus
Back when Turkey was Asia Minor, tales were told of a Phrygian king who could turn anything he touched to gold. Who was he?Midas
Who is the only major god to have the same name in both the Greek and Roman pantheons?Apollo
What people traditionally have believed that a giant named Pan Gu created the Earth out of an egg?Chinese
Known as Aletheia to the Greeks, what Roman goddess of truth was Saturn's daughter?Veritas
A famous bogatyr, Ilya Muromets, had been lame, but could smash city walls with his bare hands. Where was he from?Russia
King Lycaon tried to serve Zeus a meal of human flesh. The Big Z retaliated by turning Lycaon into what animal?Wolf
In Norse mythology, who had a pet raven and rode an eight-legged horse named Sleipnir?Odin
In Greek mythology, who ferries the souls of the dead across the River Acheron?Charon
Paul Bunyan's blue ox, named Babe, is said to have stamped out which state's Ten Thousand Lakes?Minnesota
What creature committed suicide after Oedipus figured out its riddle?Sphinx
What Aztec gold id the Mayans call Kukulcan?Quetzalcoatl
In Baccus is the Roman god, who is the Greek equivalent?Dionysus
Spending the night in an old British castle, you encounter a goblin called a redcap. How do you sto it?Quote a Bible verse
What did Cadmus plant to grow the warriors who founded Thebes' noblest families?Dragon's teeth

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