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Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul play unlikely meth dealers in which TV series?Breaking Bad
Claire Dunphy is the name of a character from what TV series?Modern Family
Mary Margaret Blanchard, Emma Swan, Regina Mills and Mr. Gold are characters from which TV series?Once Upon A Time
Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Saul Rubinek play characters on what TV series?Warehouse 13
David Duchovny stars as Hank Moody in what TV series?Californication
Tatiana Maslany plays a character in what BBC series?Orphan Black
Cam & Mitchell are chracters on which TV show?Modern Family
MacLaren's Pub is the main hangout spot on which TV seriesHow I Met Your Mother
Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ginnifer Goodwin play characters in which TV series?Big Love
Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi play partners in the police force in this short-lived TV series.Life
Ron Howard narrates what TV series?Arrested Development
Morena Baccerin plays Jessica on which TV series?Homeland
The fictional town of Storybrooke is the setting for which TV series?Once Upon A Time
Jesse, Joey, D.J., Stephanie and Michelle were characters in which TV series?Full House


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  1. Where did B.J. Raji go to college? Boston College
    A.J. Hawk was drafted in first round what number?
    Where did A.J. Hawk go to college? 2006 Round 1 Pick 5
    Ohio State
    All-time passing yards leader Brett Favre
    A.J. Hawk is married to the sister of what NFL Quarterback Brady Quinn
    Going into the 2013 season, who leads the packers in post season sacks with eight? Reggie White
    Championship belt when scores Rodgers
    What round in 2007 draft did Packers Select Mason crosby 6
    When was Matt Flynn drafted? Round 7 Pick 17
    What year Was Donald driver drafted 1999
    Longest field goal in packers history Mason Crosby
    In the 2009 draft, when did the packers draft B.J. Raji? Round 1 Pick 9

    In 2009, Clay Matthews Was the first Packer Rookie to make the Pro Bowl since 1978. Who was the Packer rookie who made it in 1978? James Lofton
    For the first time in over thirty years, a Packer rookie made the pro bowl ub 2009. Who was the player Clay Matthews
    What college did the Packers James Jones attend? San Jose State
    Going into the 2013 season, who has the most receiving yards by a tight end in packers history Paul Coffman
    What Packer was voted the Defensive Player of the year by Pro Football weekly in 2010 Clay Matthews
    What number was Clay Matthews taken in the first round of the 2009 NFL draft? 26
    What position did Clay Matthews father play for 19 years in the NFL? Linebacker
    Who was the only non-drafted rookie to make the Packers in 2009? Evan Dietrick-Smith
    What Packer great’s nickname was Golden Boy? Paul Hornung
    What is the Packers franchise record for consecutive seasons with a playoffs appearance? 8
    What uniform number does Mike Daniels currently wear? 76
    In what round of the 2007 draft did the Packers select James Jones 3rd
    What Packer player intercepted a Chicago Bear pass in the 2011 NFC Title Game and returned it for a touchdown? B.J. Raji
    Who was the first NFL Quarterback to throw for over 4000 yards his first two years as a starter? Aaron Rodgers
    2005 Round 1 Pick 24
    What team did the Packers lose to in Super Bowl 32? Denver Broncos
    As of the end of the 2012 season, who holds the Packers record for receiving yards in a season? Robert Brooks

    In the 2010 post season, Aaron Rodgers threw for over 1000, yards. How many players in NFL history have done that before Rodgers? 2

    Ron Wolf came to Green Bay from what organization where he was director of player personnel? New York Jets

    What round in the 2010 draft did the packers select Morgan Burnett? Georgia Tech
    2010 Round 3 Pick 7

    What round in the 2008 draft did the Packers select Jordy Nelson? Kansas State
    2008 Round 2 Pick 4

    What were the Bears called when the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears rivalry started? Staleys

    What Packers had the most interceptions in the 2010 NFL season combining the regular season and playoffs? Tramon Williams
    Brett Favre Broke Dan Marino’s NFL record 420

    Third among Packers kickers in career field goals? Mason Crosby

    What team did the Packers defeat 28-24 in the 1994 wild-card playoff? Detroit Lions

    There are two Packers tied for the most selections to the pro bowl by a packer player. One is brett favre. Who is the other? Forrest Gregg

    Who was the first player the Packers ever drafted from East Carolina State? C.J. Wilson

    How many regular season games did it take before the packers beat the Chicago bears? five

    What Packer legend once said, “I would rather score a touchdown than make love to the prettiest girl in the United States”? Paul Hornung

    In 1997, the packers clinched their franchise-record fifth consecutive postseason berth with a 27-11 victory over this team. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Who did the Packers draft in the second round of the 2012 draft? Casey Hayward

    Who holds the packers record for most rushing attempts in team history? Jim Taylor

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