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Neil Gaiman Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who is the protagonist of the novel "InterWorld"?Joey Harker
Who does Roderick Burgess mistakenly capture in his quest to abduct Death in the "Sandman" series?Dream
Who are the two escaped nightmares that took over Jed Walker's mind during Morpheus's captivity in the "Sandman" comics?Brute and Gob
When was the short fiction collection "Smoke and Mirrors" published?1998
According to the poem "Instructions," what will bite your finger?The knocker
Who comes to Lakeside and recognizes Mike Ainsel as Shadow in "American Gods"?Audrey Burton
The sacrifice of Lakeside's children by what deity allows the town to prosper while others around it fail?Hinzlemann
The World Tree is about an hour south of what Virginia town in the novel "American Gods"?Blacksburg
For what object does Hunter betray Door and Richard in "Neverwhere"?The Spear
What is the name of Helena's mother in the film "MirrorMask"?Joanne
What is the name of the graphic novel, originally serialized in "The Face", created by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean?Signal to Noise
What is the name used by the Fiddler's Green when it takes human form?Gilbert
What does Fat Charlie carry with him as he moves around the island of St. Andrews in the novel "Anansi Boys"?A lime
Who took Nada from hell to use as a barganing tool in the "Sandman" graphic novels?Azazel
What is the name of the wrongfully executed witch whose ghost befriends Bod in "The Graveyard Book"?Elizabeth Hempstock
Lakeside is located in what county in the novel "American Gods"?Lumber County
Who is the youngest of all the Endless in the "Sandman" universe?Delirium
What is the name of Girl Sam's nephew, who is among the missing Lakeside children, in "American Gods"?Sandy
What does Wednesday order on the plane at the beginning of "American Gods"?Jack Daniel's
Where does the father of protagonist of "The Ocean at the End of the Lane" drown him?The bath
What is the name of Czernobog's missing twin brother in "American Gods"?Bielebog
Near what Badlands reservation does Whiskey Jack live in "American Gods"?Lakota
What is the name of Fat Charlie's nefarious boss in "Anansi Boys"?Grahame Coates
What is the name of the actual Antichrist in the novel "Good Omens"?Adam Young
How many additional words were included in the Author's Preferred Text of "American Gods"?12000
What is Desire's sigil in the "Sandman" graphic novels?A heart of cut glass
What prevents Hunter from entering London Above in "Neverwhere"?A curse
Who is the protagonist of Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere"?Richard Mayhew
When did Destruction abdicate his realm and rule in the "Sandman" universe?The Age of Reason
Who is Anathema's accomplice in the novel "Good Omens"?Newton Pulsifer
What is the name of the gym where Shadow plans to work after his parole in "American Gods"?Muscle Farm
The man with the transparent skin in the novel "InterWorld" goes by what name?Neville
Which of Grahame Coates' clients confronts him for theft and is subsequently murdered in "Anansi Boys"?Maeve Livingstone
What is the name of the insurance adjuster stranded in Innsmouth in "Only the End of the World Again?"Lawrence Talbot

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