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New England Patriots Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who was the player that scored that first ever AFL touchdown?Bob Dee, DE
What was the most touchdown passes Ben Coates caught in a single season?9
Who did New England beat to win the AFC Championship on a snow cover field at Gillette Stadium on January 18, 2004?Indianapolis Colts
What is the most completions Tom Brady had in a game, a figure he reached twice?39
Who was cut by New England before a game but a half hour later was back in uniform and on the filed for the opening kickoff?Bob Gladieux
How many 400+ yard passing games did Tom Brady have during the 2007 season?0
How many 100+ yard rushing games did Corey Dillon have in the 2004 season?9
How many interceptions did the Patriots have as a team in 2000?10
How many passing yards did Tom Brady have in the 2002 season?3764
How many yards did Wes Welker have receiving in 2011, a Patriots record?1569
Against which team did the Patriots become the first in history to score a touchdown five different ways in the same game?Miami Dolphins
Against which team did Devin McCourty have 2 interceptions in 2012?Buffalo Bills
Which of the following Patriots players landed an acting role in the movies Dead Heat and Never Too late?Gino Cappelletti
How many overtime games were won for the Patriots by an Adam Vinatieri field goal form 1996-2003?9
Andre Carter had 10 sacks in 2011 – which other Patriots player also had 10 sacks?Mark Anderson
Against which of these teams did Tom Brady not throw 5 or more touchdown in 2007?San Diego Chargers
Who was not a first round draft pick during the 1970s?Julius Adams
Which of these teams did the Patriots not beat in overtime during the 2001 season?Carolina Panthers
The Patriots have had many players with the same last names. Which name has appeared on the Patriots roster the most times?Williams
Who did the Patriots lose to 34-31 in overtime during the 2008 season?New York Jets
Which Patriots running back rushed for a team-best 1635 yards in 2004?Corey Dillon

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