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New York Yankees Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which team got 19 hits against the Yankees on June 29, 2012Chicago White Sox
Which Yankee first baseman hit the most triples in Yankee history?Lou Gehrig
The Yankees' 1996 World Championship was their first since which year?1978
Which Yankee player was hit by the most pitches in their career?Derek Jeter
Which of these players did NOT hit 2 doubles in a game against Cleveland on April 9, 2013?Vernon Wells
Off of which pitcher did Bucky Dent hit his go-ahead home run in the 1978 tie-breaker vs. the Red Sox?Mike Torrez
Which Yankee wore uniform #2 before it was worn by Derek Jeter?Mike Gallego
What is the most games Mariano Rivera saved in a season?53
What position did Johnny Mize primarily play in his 5-year Yankee career?First Base
What was the highest batting average Lou Gehrig ever had in a season?0.379
Which Yankee pitcher led the American League with a 2.45 ERA in 1980?Rudy May
Who did Dodger pitcher Bob Welch strike out to end Game 2 of the 1978 World Series?Reggie Jackson
Which one of these players did NOT wear uniform #10 for the Yankees?Chuck Knoblauch
What was Ron Guidry's won-loss record in his Cy Young-winning season of 1978?25-3
Which Yankee pitcher had a won-loss record of 18-8 during the 2010 season?Phil Hughes
Who made the first error ever at Yankee Stadium in 1923?Babe Ruth
Who was the last Yankee player to hit 50 or more home runs in a season?Alex Rodriguez
Who replaced Joe Torre as Yankee manager in 2008?Joe Girardi
Who is the only Yankee player to hit 4 home runs in a single game?Lou Gehrig
Who was the last Yankee pitcher to lead the league in strikeouts?Al Downing
In what year did George Steinbrenner purchase the Yankees?1973
How many seasons did Danny Tartabull play for the Yankees?3
In Yankee history, what is the only 3-year span in which the team won more than 100 games each year?2002-2004
How many home runs did Babe Ruth hit in a Yankee uniform?659
Against which team did the Yankees score 22 runs during the 2011 season?Oakland Athletics
In what year did the Yankees hit the most home runs (245) in franchise history?2012
What was Babe Ruth's highest seasonal batting average as a Yankee?0.393
Who has been the General Manager of the Yankees since 1998?Brian Cashman

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