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NY Knicks Trivia QuestionAnswer
What current Knick player started for the 2010-'11 Champion Dallas Mavericks?Tyson Chandler
What team were future Knicks Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry traded to right after they were drafted in 2001?Chicago Bulls
Who is the only Knick not in the Hall of Fame who is in top five all-time in minutes played for the Knicks?Charles Oakley
What member of the famous Michigan Fab Five played for the Knicks during the 2005-'06 season?Jalen Rose
Dave DeBusschere was traded to the Knicks for two players. What was the name of the guard he was traded for?Howard Komives
What former Knick player and current NBA player is fifth all-time in Knick hitory in both defensive and offensive rebounds?David Lee
How old was Stu Jackson when he became Knick head coach in 1989?32
What was Red Holzman's real name?William
What former Knick's player's mother won the Miss America pageant?Kiki Vandeweighe
How many points did Willis Reed score in Game 7 of the 1969-70 NBA Championship Game?4
What California college did Jason Kidd attend?University of California
Who was the MVP of the 1972-'73 finals?Willis Reed
In the 1985-86 season, who did the Knicks give to the Warriors in compensation for Bernard King?Micheal Ray Richardson
What NBA ESPN Commentator played for the Knicks during 2005-'06 season?Jalen Rose
What college did Kenyon Martin attend?University of Cincinnati
Which of these famous coaches was not part of the Knicks '87-'88 roster?Doc Rivers
What Knick finished fifth in MVP voting in 1989-'90?Patrick Ewing
What was the name of Bernard King's younger brother who played several years in the NBA?Albert
In Game 5 of 1997 playoffs, what Knick did the Heat's PJ Brown fight with resulting in suspension of four Knicks players?Charlie Ward
What Knicks player was on the United States 1992 Olympic "Dream Team"?Patrick Ewing
Who did the Knicks trade to get Dick Barnett from the Lakers?Bob Boozer

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