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Physics Trivia QuestionAnswer
What does the word "quantum" as used in "quantum physics" mean?A specific amount
How many feet in a fathom?6
Who developed the theory that light is an electromagnetic wave?James Clerk Maxwell
What physicist introduced the second and fourth quantum numbers?Arnold Sommerfeld
A magnifying glass contains what kind of lens?Convex
Which of the following prefixes is the smallest?Femto
What is an ideal radiator known as?Blackbody
The word "Physics" means "knowledge of Nature" in what ancient language?Greek
Which metal is the best conductor?Copper
Who is famed for setting out the laws of motion and gravitation?Isaac Newton
How many atoms are there in a molecule of water?3
What is the smallest particle representing light?Photon
What gas law relates temperature and volume?Charles' Law
How many earths would fit inside the sun?circa 1,000,000
What is the term for the probability of a fusion reaction?Cross-section
What is the acceleration of a body moving in a circular path known as?Centripetal acceleration
Which of the following is NOT a means by which heat can be transferred?Evaporation
Who is known for the invention of the battery?Alessandro Volta
Which of the following is a Newtonian fluid?Water
What fourth state of matter occurs when electrons are torn from atoms by electricity or heat?Plasma
In most atoms, what particle weighs the same as a neutron?Proton
What letter signifies the principal quantum number?n
Who created the theory of radioactivity?Marie Curie
Which telescope comprises of both, lenses & mirrors?Catadioptric telescope
When the heat of an object increases he object gains what?Energy
Which of the following first proposed an absolute temperature scale?Lord kelvin
What is the science that treats gases in motion known as?Aerodynamics
Who was the first to detect Radio waves?Heinrich Hertz
How many quantum numbers are there?Four
Who in 1860, theorized that an entire wide spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies existed?James Clerk Maxwell
Prefix for 10X18Atto
A pascal unit measures?Pressure
Who studied projectiles moving at supersonic speed?Ernst Mach
Who’s the “father of wireless telegraphy”?Guglielmo Marconi
Optics studies?Light
A seesaw, crowbar and balance scale are all examples of __ class levers?1st


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  1. Who in 1860, theorized that an entire wide pectrum of electromagnetic frequencies existed? : James Clerk Maxwell
    Prefix fot 10X18 : Atto
    A pascal unit measures : Pressure
    Who studied projectiles moving at supersonic speed? : Ernst Mach
    Who’s the “father of wireless telegraphy” : Guglielmo Marconi
    Optics studies : Light
    A seesaw, crowbar and balance scale are all examples of __ class levers. : 1st

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